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Just found this photo of my son and grandson thought I would share



Interesting visitor to last years Food Festival at Conwy!!

lovely photo clueless G!!

I see st Michaels mount most every day.  

Great variety of pictures

Will be asking for advice too about cameras.  

Have to cut back on my cakes to start saving for a decent camera   Isn't life hard sometimes? 



David your very kind it was just a luck snap shot really a week or two before Fathers day so I gave it as a gift framed to my son 




Lovely / great pics, but must say James that is brill.

Nikki J have all been busy posting some excellant shots today.  Sorry...too many to make individual comments on but especially like the frog peeking through the grass!

Hi.  Brum, is that St Mawes ferry?  


Clueless - that black & white picture is so good of your son & grandson.


This tractor was spotted on a walk a couple of miles from where I live.  The tractor is not the usual rusting thing so the blackberry bush must have taken over fairly recently.



Little - Ann - nice to see the Giants Causeway from a different angle.


John Harding

Uploading a pic of Logan Botanic Gardens, south of Stranraer, Dumfries & Galloway. Bet you've been there Fairygirl!