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Orchid Lady

Great pic  Is your neighbour doing anything with all those pots?? 


Water feature at Trewithan gardens.

The rhodos, magnolias, pieris and camelia were fantastic, Cornwall is known for these.

It was quite foggy but  created a wonderful atmosphere.






Wild daffodils on today's walk - Gloucestershire.


Orchid Lady

Lovely pics Lynn and Forester, where has David's gone? 

No expert

 First daffs out this week.


Orchid Lady

That's ok then David, as long as no-one has upset you 


Wow - love that sunrise!

star gaze lily

Oh wow David that is absolutely beautiful,  I love sunsets.  We didn't have anything like that last night, just a pretty pink sky.

star gaze lily

Sorry, just reread it....sunrise ooops 

Jack 3

Parakeets on my bird feeder just now. I'm looking out the window now and it's all starlings.



More great pics.

 Jack, brill shots.  

Hardly dare post my effort but will since I ran outside yesterday morning in dressing gown being observed by passers by

 to get a snap of alien space ships.

Should have stepped out of the shade and onto the pavement but I was in a hurry as they were dissolving and I don't look too good first thing.

 Windows upstairs at the front only open at the top & windows were "mucky" so needs must


Good bird pics , Jack. My mum thinks blue tits are exotic, She only gets sparrows and starlings and the odd robin.


Super parakeet shots Jack and I love the starling looking on hoping to get a bite to eat.