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John Harding

Hi Nikki,

If it's just a case of you can't find the pics you want on your computer, if you named any of the pics or the file you stored them in (and you're using a windows PC) left click on the little round 'windows' icon in the bottom left of the screen and type in anything you have named (or part of it - say Strid Bolton) and a list of anything on the hard drive with that information will pop up in the results box with a small icon to say if it's a Picture file, Word doc, etc.

That way you might be able to find the pics you think you have lost.


You could go to your search box (search my computer)and type in JPG or what ever your file name is for your images 



Lovely pix everyone. Really enjoying these landscapes. I have loads on a disc from old computer so I'll have to have a look for them 

Nikki - I had a photo of an inversion but it's on that disc. Ben Lui from the top of Bheinn Dorain - the cloud at the top just cleared as we got there. Sheer chance and really beautiful.

Found this - can't remember where it is though  Point and shoot from half way up somewhere!



 Clouds over Dartmoor.







Regular visitor,unfortunately

Canon 550D 75-300 lens







 Bit of a stretch


 We're all a bit nuts.


 Early morning visitor, from CCTV






 From our own version of Springwatch. All taken in the back garden.




 Not a resident, we only saw it the once.



Fantastic shots fidget - in fact superb.


Unusual cloud formation Lyn.



 Bankings at their best.

First and second early spuds around the circle.


 Hello again David, due to family health reasons I don't spend a lot of time browsing the site anymore.

It's lovely to see other peoples pictures, there are some wonderful photos on view.



That mouse reminds me.. My cat came home with this is summer, whilst he was doing his victory dance round the table and meowing, the mouse bolted and got to live another day. Normally they are all missing their heads when i find them.

The cat was devastated, it was funny at the time.


Netherfield, my compliments.  I also grow heathers but yours are superb

Zombie, what a great picture.