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Thank you, but find closer in than that and they are blurred. Here is an example.

I have seen a lense to buy for tablet but not sure if they are any good?



John Harding

Ah! but you can't put a macro lens on an android phone David: (or can you?) - technology is moving so fast these days nothing would surprise me!. Remarkably good pics for a phone-cam Lyn.


Its not a phone, just a tablet, maybe there are some reviews on the net, although, even when i take scene shots, the depth and colour is nowhere near as good as my camera. The advantage though is that you can take photo's at night, like the previous cloud formation i put on here.


I have seen some of your fantastic macro pictures David, perhaps a few on here would be nice?


Nikki J the shots. My friend has recently posted shots on faccebook taken with a macro lens on her iphone and they were fantastic so it may well be worth looking into reviews for the tablet lenses.

David......i don't think you have posted any pics twice 

John Harding

This one taken at Kew Gardens at the water-lily pond, still pic taken on Sony HD Camcorder HDR-7E in 2008





Thank you for that, Nikki.

Johns flower there is beautiful, and David, I just love your macro images.

Dsvid, the  sunflower picture is mesmerising.  As you said, shape and pattern is perfect.  Pure relaxation to look at it.

(think this thread will outlast every other) 


its a bit wet to garden so i have been playing