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Pottie Pam

Thanks for your comments.

There's an area of old mine workings opposite the house that we bought quite cheaply a few years ago. They are always adders in a certain spot in the spring and I've put corrugated tin sheets down, they are quite often under there along with grass snakes.  I try to take photos in the morning  before they warm up as they are off  before I get the camera ready then it's a matter of getting as close as I dare. 


walk with camera today



 only 15x zoom David




David I would like to thank you for you kind comments you may like this next one sorry but I can't find my G&T shot yet and cream tea I will see if my flicker account has a copy of them any way again thank you hope you all enjoy my next image





Fantastic David, that lily is beautiful, thank you.


hi David the camera club was ok i will go again for a week or two but apart from a couple of pictures i didnt see anything very inspirational, perhaps thats abit unfair after just one visit but the wife of the secretary did say the club was a bit conservative  


little ann . is the bottom pic  hellvellyn ?? 


Bidean nam Biann from the 3rd Munro on the 'route' at the head of the Lost Valley in Glencoe

 Sorry that was from the 1st one- Coire na Lochan- this is from the 3rd one!



Thanks James 

Where did you take the 'fruity' pix? 

And I don't mean the 'lady 'one!  


in the kitchen with a tri pod and a flash and a pringle tube over the flash