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At Holker garden festival on Friday i had a chat with Christine she was charming and very down to earth.

she is filming a new program at the moment and if all goes well it will be shown later this year


How lucky to chat to Christine - she comes over as a straightforward no nonsense person.

I read she had a new series, great, any gardening programme good news!


I would like to see more of her. As well as coming over well, I gather she is very well educated (gardening wise) and not just an amateur who has picked it up along the way, as it were.

Before anyone jumps in, I dont have a problem with amateurs, some have a great deal of knowledge.

Charles Darwin was an amateur naturalist, and look what he did for increasing the scientific knowledge level.

Actually had heard of another new. Programme with month, big dreams small spaces, that is so me! Huge ideas, tiny spaces,Why didn't they ask us? I' d particularly enjoy seeing lovely , mild mannered Monty fend off my 3 year old as she shouted ' GO AWAY OR I'LL THROW YOU IN THE DUSTBInYOU CAN'T TALK TO MY MUMMY' !!!



picture i took for a couple of friends

Knows her stuff.  Maybe not so good on the eye as some of the ex model presenters but far more interesting and knowledgeable.


She has a real smile and twinkly eyes - far more attractive than 'ex model presenters' IMHO 


I love her voice! it's always distinct on the radio, and oozes enthusiasm with down to earth humour.

Steve 309

heh heh Dove.  Not quite Charlie Dimmock!


Hi little ann good to see you , glad you enjoyed meeting Christine, good photo, but expect that from you


h kef it was taken on Toms mobile phone so he could put it on  theire facebook page


Scott Edwards

Great gardener with a lot of knowledge and a down to earth manner. I will look forward to watching the series.


I bet she'd be a fantastic dinner guest - she looks as if she'd be brilliant company 


I like someone who appreciates my cooking