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Steve the Gardening Vet

Wondered if anyone had any experience of combi shed-greenhouses, positive or negative. Any brands to look at or to avoid?


Do you mean potting sheds?  I got one last year and adore it.  I've always wanted one.  It is 8 by 10 so it has a nice long shelf under the sloping window and the plants love it.  There is plenty of storage space so I have the benefits of a greenhouse and a shed. The people who put it up did a very good job. I took this photo just after they had finished. 


hollie hock

Koalagirl, now that is very nice! Like that a lot. 

One of those would be great in my garden


hollie hock

So much so I'm off do some window(?) shopping for one

Steve the Gardening Vet

That's very nice but I mean the ones that are a shed at one end and a greenhouse at the other.

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