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I opened another bag today and again its full of twigs .This used to be good compost not liking it at all.

Should I complain about it.





certainly scotkat if you pay for compost it should be nice and crumbley not twigs that havent broken down yet they will fob you off no doubt but its worth a go let us know what happens,

Caz W

Yes Scotkat - contact them and complain.  You could also mention that you are a member of a large gardening forum and we are all interested to hear what happens!

Would I be better contacting Westland themself rather than the GC where I bought the bags.


Garden Centre-they are the ones liable if a product is not up to standard-they sold it to you-it is not up to you to go chasing a manufacturer-let them do that


Caz W

Personally, I would contact Westland and tell them how disappointed you were with their product.  I'm sure the GC would either offer you a refund or exchange for another product but usually a big manufacturer will refund you and offer you some small compensation - usually vouchers.  I was told once that the best word to use when complaining to any manufacturer is "disappointed" rather than being rude or too critical.  I have had a lot of success when complaining like this

Hi everyone just had a nice reply from Westland how sorry to here they were disspointed I wont go into depth what they said but thay are going to send me as arefund national garden gift vouchers.


Thank you Derek it pays to complain at top with anything.


I got 2 £5 garden vouchers from Westland today in way of a refund re the compost.


Oh no! Are we going to have the fiasco with sub-standard composts that we all had last year? Haven't the suppliers learnt their lesson?. I haven't bought mine yet, as I was waiting to hear what my fellow gardeners on here had to say. Last year the sad state of the poor quality was even discussed on the gardening page in 'The Sun'. I tried different ones last year and some were like dirty straw, some smelt vile, and even the one with added peat produced a poor show in my pots. The suppliers all blamed the weather  for the poor results, which no doubt had some effect, but the concensus on here was that it was down to the so called 'compost'. I'll be watching this space!

So now not sure what compost to buy I want a good compost for my fuchsias and geraniums.





Caz W

Well done scotkat

Its pays to complain

diggingdoris. I haven't got mine either. Did get a huge bag of Verve compost at the end of last year which was good quality and it's still half full. Also have a dalek full of black crumbly stuff which has been purposefully saved to mix with bought compost this year but intend to wait to purchase any new compost for pots.



I like Verve too and I mix it with other composts if I have any,   I've never had a problem with it. 

Lynne x

I am too far away from BQ to get Verve.

Are there others around that are similar?




Hi I bought today a couple of bags of Aldi seed and potting compost I have never seen compost like it in years,rich crumbly and nearly black and €1:99 for 20 litres


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