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Orchid Lady

I'm serious  I once heard that Prince Charles talks to his plants and while gently persuading my sweet peas to be nice and grow for me outside, I wondered if was just me that was bonkers or is it a gardening thing?? 

Orchid Lady

Is that the scientific approach Edd 


Well, I tell them they're looking gorgeous if they are, or try to be encouraging if they're not, and cuss at the deep rooted weeds as I get them out, so I reckon that you and HRH are in good company 


Oh I talk to the plants all the time, and my trowel, the toaster, washing on the line...


They're the only ones that'll listen!

Heather Michaels

I'm with you Clarington, I talk to inanimate objects all the time too (and curse occasionally when they get in way and/or I stub my toe on them) But I talk to my plants as well, all the time. OH thinks I'm off my head and to be honest I don't know if it makes a blind bit of difference, but I'm not going to stop talking to them just in case they really can hear me!!


Orchid Lady

Well, I'm so relieved it isn't just me  I also speak to inanimate objects, especially when in the way, but I wasn't go to admit that until someone else did


It's okay Tracey, I'll be the first one to admit to being quirky!


Do some people not talk to their plants?



few and far between I reckon nut 


Of course.  It would be impolite not to.

Sometimes they answer back! 

Steve 309

Yes.   It's when you hear them talking to you you know you're in trouble.


Apparently an experiment similar to that described above, but just involving music found that the music of Cliff Richards kills plants.


Doesn't surprise me art. I'd lose the will to live too...

I just threaten mine. Grow or you're out. 

Seems to work well enough 


FG, I do the same; 'you're not paying rent here, shape up or ship out!'

As to the music of Cliff Richards, I reckon those plants are topping themselves.




Yes - you have to be ruthless. If it's not doing the job - out it goes. Same with men....



star gaze lily

Thats a relief, glad its not just me. Talk to all sorts of things.

Lol Cliff Richard it music 


My plants don't talk to me but I hear them muttering about me sometimes.

Cliff Richard music.. Hmm. Might be worth trying on the weeds

Orchid Lady

 It works  Can you just see my little babies? (You might need your glasses on!) Last night I put them by the radiator and told them they had better hurry up and do something or they would be going in the compost bin........they obviously listened and today have popped up