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Ok Becks-tell us about Cannock-what goes on anything exciting ?-we like especially neighbourhood gossip

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha. Oh my! Not a lot goes on here. I'm also a keep myself to myself type, so wouldn't know the local gossip. I live in Norton canes though, and have a place called Chasewater practically at the end of my road, which also has a working steam train station, which host events and things.

I think the most exciting thing that has happened round here lately is the M6 terrorist scare, see here, which was also just around the corner from me.


Well that's disappointing.

The police got slated a bit for that scare for over-reacting-bit they are in a no-win situation-it could have been a terroist- has the person spoken up at all?

Miss Becks

David, The HollyBush is lovely! Especially at Christmas, when they have their Santa's Grotto, although I haven't been for many years! Is Dobbies the one by The Spread Eagle up the A5? I've passed it many times, but never been in. Looks big though.

I haven't been in any of the garden centres this year, as I am on such I tight budget. I have bought seeds from my local hardware shop to be honest. But it is only a practice run this year really for my little one. But I have got that interested/addicted it's unreal! Hence planning to redesign both my front and back gardens next year. All seeds were sown way too late this year, but I hadn't a clue when I started.

Jess has her own little website if you want a look. (No selling, so not spam! LOL)

Jessies Mini Garden

Geoff, I don't really know. I don't watch TV at all, and only knew about this incident as they closed off the end of our road access to the A5/M6 and looked up the news on the internet.


You dont watch tv!!-well we can't have that-how can that be?-not even CBBC or CBeebies?

Will check out Jessies garden-at the moment the rain is bouncing off the pavements -that should snuff the torch out


Miss Becks

Well, yes CBeebies is on all day, but I don't watch it, apart from Mr Bloom's Nursery! TV doesn't interest me in the slightest. I could quite happily not have a set in the house. The only use mine has at the moment is that isn't a flatscreen, and still has that huge bump at the back, which gets pretty warm, and great for germinating seedlings that need bottom heat!


So when X factor comes round shortly you will not be joining me?


Miss Becks

Oh good Lord Geoff, no. You're on your own there.

David, seed swap sounds great. I'm surprised there isn't something like that already on here.


I think someone else was interested in a seed-swap but it takes a bit of organising-perhaps at the appropriate time it might be worth testing the water so to speak?

Becks-what about sporty stuff?-Kate is the sports guru.

Sorry if all sounds fishing but just trying to find out a common interest-other than the garden of course

Miss Becks

I don't mind you asking whatever you like Geoff! Or anyone else. But I am so boring it's unreal! I hate sports as well. My only true interest really is the paranormal. Anything to so with Ghosts (if they exist) and things that go bump in the night, and I'm hooked. Spare time to myself is rare at the moment as a single mum to a 3 year old, but I love watching movies in the evening (normally paranormal/supernatural ones) when Little Miss Jess has finally dropped to sleep. And now, the garden.


Becks-not boring at all-as long as you like a laugh

Is this the Derek Akorah stuff ?

Miss Becks

It certainly is, well, he's part of it. He's the Psychic side of things. I met him not long ago. Lovely bloke, but a huge showman!



Just had a quick look at Jessies Mini Garden  I think it is wonderful that you are encouraging your little one to garden - she will learn so much - not just about gardening. Jessie is a gorgeous little girl and lucky to have a Mum like you

At the end of the Summer (what summer?) if you would like to have a go at overwintering a few cuttings on your windowsill I will happily send you some

Pam x


It has pained all day, I keep spraying my mini plugs but I cannot see them going out today.

I do not believe in ghosts but I do talk to the dead.

Gary Hobson
kate1123 wrote (see)

. I do talk to the dead.

But do the dead talk to you?

Carefully placed rocks ... the souls of your ancestral sprits... speaking to you in the wind whistling through grasses... or in more subtle ways.

Monty's 80 Gardens had a fair dose of heavy spiritual material in it. Some people, especially in the East, take things like this seriously. Can't say that I know that much about it.



Not sure about spraying the mini-mini-plugs -praying may be in order-that seems at £4.90 over- priced p&p

Becks-what about Sally the psychic-or is that something different

Just had prawn sandwiches-courtesy of the kitchen


I have an empty fridge, I will need to go shopping even though I have already been twice this week Still paining though.

@Gary of course they talk back.


If you are going shopping the malteser levels are dropping- so if you wouldn't mind