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Has she gone to bed? Just as well, poor dear was rambling a bit!

I'm off too now, sweet dreams all.

(Hello Inka!)

Bunny ...
Who me? Sorry ...
Hello inka

Night all- don't have nightmares

Bunny ...
Night geoff, watching question time here
Sue H
Thought trolls were those small plastic figures with very long hair that I collected as a child? Think I had a collection of about 6.


Bunny ...
Oh I didn't have those they scared me hehe
Bunny ...
Haaaaa were they not around with my little pony, no before ..we're they ? Not having them I don't remember .

Has everyone gone to bed just when I've called in? What a lot of chat there's been! Did anyone watch lovely programme with Martin Clunes and heavy horses?

I'm 5'3", is it too late to mention now.

Geoff, was Jon cob really a troll on that other thread? Funny that Bunny noticed it was con job if you changed the initials. But what harm did it do?


Bunny ...
Evening busy .i recorded than was it good. I, not horsey person but like animals

Never too late to mention height .

Hahaha been looking at past comments , troll I say. Why bother I also say.
Miss Becks

Lizzie, his profile gave him away. He uses many names, but the Tower Hamlets area gives it away.

Bunny ...
Good point insomnia . I just don't see their point in bothering, are the sooooo bored .
Miss Becks

Ah well. Some strange folk around, eh?

Well my lovelies, going to call it a night, and try to sleep. Catch you tomorrow.

Bunny ...
Night, just scoffing a creme egg then I'm off...gonna be on ww too at this rate

Hi all,

Try googeling "gridgardener", he's been on lots of gardening websites since at least

2007, & banned from lots of them, he also say's he's from Baltimore USA.



Pennine Petal

It's 4 in the monrning  and once more the dawning ............and I'm blniking awake early again! It could be because I went to bed at 9, but I just couldn't stay awake any longer.

Wasn't there a TV programme about trolls way back when, is that why they got popular. I never seem to notice these trolls

Hello Mac!

Pennine Petal

Hello flowerbird, must be lovely living on the Wirral. Are you on the coast?

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Pennine Petal wrote (see)

It's 4 in the monrning  and once more the dawning ............and I'm blniking awake early again!

Does posting at 4 have anything to do with jetlag - body clock still running on HK time. That's a common problem amongst the international forking set.

A cold day ahead. Anyway I have to stay inside as I'm expecting two parcels from Amazon.

Sue H
Oh trolls! Yes that the little devils. I kept them in a shoe box!
Pennine Petal
Yes Gary, it certainly does. TGIF. Best get off to work now, people to see etc.