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Miss Becks

Well, the big greenhouse is fully erected and outside finally, ready for it's first night out. Have secured it with the ropes it came with in a manner. It should hold. Now the fun starts filling it.

I'm bloomin cold.

Mini Kievs, rice and chips on the menu for tonight.


Good job done, Becks  

OH and I are going to a quiz night in aid of the Scouts. Fish & chips will be serves but I bet we'll have to wait ages

Miss Becks

Thanks Flo. Hmm Fish and Chips! Haven't had a chippy for months!


Well done Becks, does it leave you room for the other one.  

Running out of wood, OH not well enough to go out chopping, think I can get a small bag from local country shop, will have to investigate




Can we please stop talking about fatballs and tits- am getting a complex

I would pay just stand to outside a chip shop

Well handled Dean 

Well done Becks

Jo-well you lost me-but not for the first time


Miss Becks

Yes Bjay. The big one has gone on the patio, for germinating seeds, and the little one will be going on the grass, for the toms and peppers to grow in.

Ha ha, all this is giving me the titters!
Great chippy by us, cod with not a bone in sight.

Off fish after last week!!

OH trying a new chicken curry recipe tonight

Miss Becks

How is your throat now Bjay?

Bunny ...
Good evening

Ohh my had to catch up there but appears to be all load of balls and tittivation

Fish n chips mm, Kiev mmm , a making spaghetti potential horsenaise here, garlic bread too. A trying day, although got little done friend of OHs well both really popped round for cuppa...4hours later hehe...

Hello flower bird **waves**

My brain has forgotten what went on but good work on the greenhouse build insomnia . Veg planted ?

Ohhh cooking yes...

And iPad...yes bl00dy iPad, download music to play ? How ? Anyone ? App ?
Miss Becks

No, not yet Bunny. Securing it turned out to be a bit more problematic than expected, and much longer, so by the time I'd done it, it was time to get Jess again from nursery. But I have the whole weekend without having to go anywhere!

Caz W

Evening all - titter ye not   Managed to get conned into spending the whole day in school again today.  Was asked just to help out in the morning, then dinner time came and was asked to stay for dinner, then would I like to stay for the afternoon as they were celebrating Chinese New Year ..... Gung Hay Fat Choi to you all .

Nice to see you again Figrat


Grr, why cant daughter & OH both like the same food? Oh s*d it they'll get given whatever I feel like doing & tough luck! All I asked was what would people like to eat over the next few days?

At least OH has finally learnt to tell me his shopping needs before we actually get to the store..... Never shop on a Friday, absolutely murder around here. Early Sat am soooo much better.

Then I can flop afterwards whilst they both go up to local shops & library/bank. Have just realised that Sunday meals going to be totally out of order. The KDodd performance starts at 5pm! Hmm, picnic as well??

Geoff sorry you're confused, join the club!

Ok signing off now. Night all J.

Miss Becks

Night jo!

Hi Caz!! So you've done your bit for society for today! Have a rest lovely.


Caz W

Ta Becks   Is Jess feeling better now?

Bunny ...
Hello figrat we havnt really met, not that I've met anyone here but you know what I mean...

Ooh Chinese new yr , what's the year this year ? I shall have to look ...
Miss Becks

yeah, still got her cough, but not stopping her playing and eating.

Bunny ...
Ahhh snake.

Night Jo, night caz...

Oh securing greenhouse , of course eeek don't want it blowing away. To,or row you can ponder and take time. Infact il come help rather than deal with customer tomorrow
Caz W

Hopefully she's not too bad then

Bunny - I'm reliably informed it's the year of the snake.