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Bunny ...

Difficult times lottie , hope treatment for your brother goes well and grandad care is sorted.
I didn't think anything wrong with poster either , odd question/statement but see the point also.
No snow here , all clear looks like a nice day ahead.
Have a good day.
Jean Genie

Morning everyone. Had a quick dash through posts . Went to visit daughter last night and things have improved although her temperature is up again . She will be having a scan and as review today so we are hoping that there will be some more news.

Lottie, I hope your brothers operation goes well and things improve in Grandads situation. What a diificult time for you. My thoughts are with you..

No snow here thankfully as its a bit of a hike to the hospital. Slight smattering on roofs but thats all.

Take care when you are all out and about and thanks for all your support.


Moning All.

Internet went down at 1.30 pm yesterday so have been bereft until this morning when I unplugged router and plugged it in again - as you do.

Cyber hugs to Lottie and Jean with their worries for others.

Caz W wrote (see)

Flo will probably spot it Dean

Oooh, dear, hope I'm not turning into spelling&grammar police   As I said elsewhere, I love Dean's flamboyant way with the English language  

Bjay, just as my connection went down yesterday I was posting about your Fairy Dell ideas. Would it be cheating to use plants from the Flower Fairies books? That would certainly give you quite a bit of scope!


Greetings Earthlings

It is getting harder to come up with novel ways to say hello in the mornings -might just revert to grunting

Nothing much going on -didn't seem quite so cold this morning- more daylight hours things are on the up

For those who worry about these things or like to drop hints then Valentines Day is this Thursday- ignore at your peril-though it is hard to miss with all the red hearts and flower things everywhere


Good Morning Everyone

It is a horrid morning with liitle bits of something falling from the sky  I was hoping to help Barry start up greenhouse no.2 this morning but the weather is against us

Love and hugs to Lottie and Jean

I have done the ironing

Have a good day and be careful anyone who is out and about

Pam LL x

Flower of the day



















Morning All - M15 here

Originally I was going to do Shakespeares Fairies but discovered there was a 'Moth'. Don't do moths so yes flower fairies are fine.- just loacting the plants

Snow here, strange last night tipping it down with rain but gritter went past bottom of street. Snow, very wet, is lying on grass but all paths are clear. even garden ones.

Miss Becks

Morninf lovelies.

Just checking in. I'm busy ironing. Determined to tackle this mountain today.

Outside is white with snow, but nothing bad like last time.


Lovely pansy, so pretty. 

Seeds germnating and nowhere to put them!!

Marigolds germinated after 3 days so will use that window ledge again 

Any one else sowed tomatoes yet? 

Hope all goes well Jean. Lottie you take care. It is so difficult to know what to do or who to support the most.


The petunias are just poking through

No sign of the the impatiens

Not sown tomatoes yet-maybe next week

Still early

Dont buy a slug bell

Gary Hobson
sotongeoff wrote (see)

No sign of the the impatiens

Too impatient.


Big white flakes falling out of sky-not settling

Just took these-not great but........




Just started to snow here again


Bunny ...
No snow here , dog and I off back into the garden

Stopped now -sleety rain stuff

Pink hyacinths coming to and end-the white ones just starting to come out-bought another pot in last night which I think are blue

Two more pots to follow


Miss Becks

It's not that cold out there to be honest. No biting winds blowing. Makes all the difference.

Jess slipped over at the end of the road walking to nursery, and fell flat, face down on the floor and cracked her knee and forehead on the pavement!

Bought her back home, as she was screaming and sopping wet. Offered her the day off nursery, but she insisted on going, so quick change and went again, this time with her in the pushchair!


Gary Hobson

Plenty of snow covering trees here, proper wonderland, and not melting much...


Very pleasant there, Geoff. I bet you're hoping things get moving and you can get out there soon.

Brave of Jess to still want to go to nursery - she obviously enjoys it.

Had big white flakes here for a while but nothing settled as the ground is so wet. There was snow on the cars this morning, but not on the roads.


Geoff, how come your petunias are coming up when you always advise not to start sowing until March?