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Caz W
Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

 And another secret came out that she'd worked at Bletchley Park decoding in the war.

Ooh Liz, that's amazing!  And she'd kept the secret all that time too.  I love all the programmes and films about Bletchley.  I love crosswords, codewords, anagrams, etc. and always fancied myself as a code breaker if I'd been around at that time.

When I was 18 my mother explained the importance of using my vote and about the sacrifices the suffragetes had made.  When I asked her who she would be voting for at the next election she replied "whoever your father tells me to vote for"


I had a very strong socialist up- bringing and am still, though not a fighter like my parents were. Where we live now there wasn't a socialist candidate at all such a problem as I am a strong believer in using the vote you have been given, so I did use it but without conviction. My OH thought I woud have just spoiled the vote paper.

Bunny ...
Hehe Caz

Interesting lives definitely.

I see Sasha has the wrong thread again. Quote from other thread:

Girasole you will find the forkers on another thread, we are mainly sane on this thread.


Caz W

Found this on the weather thread - seems to apply to both

Girasole wrote (see

Morning Forkers

Sorry to hear about the snow far quite a nice day here in Cambridge 

Enjoy your day whatever you are doing



Caz W

Great minds think alike BJay


Should we consider electronic tagging for Sasha?

Caz, that's amazing about your mum! Like you I'm very interested in codes, logic puzzles and the like. When I was teaching I used to sling a few in from time to time - got a few 10 year olds hooked on Sudoku! Not sure I'd have the mathematical ability to do the Bletchley thing but I'm logical and persistent so perhaps they'd have found me a role

Bunny ...
My dad loved Suduko , struggles now

I always vote because of the effort of the Suffragettes. My grandmother got a degree at Cambridge, but she wasn't allowed it because she was a woman.

I like Sudoko at bedtime, it helps me drop off!

Weather forecast is good here too for next week. Hope I'll be able to get the broad beans in and some pruning done.


Wow sounds like there were some amazing ladies out there. I heard part of a list of 100 most successful women on the radio this morning - no. 1 was the Queen.

Somebody implying we aren't sane on this thread?

My only female colleague has just had a month off as she had a hysterectomy. The blokes were hugely embarrassed, as it was 'women's problems'.


Frank was on another thread 

Sleeting here now

Gary Hobson

There is a thread about no-dig gardening, with some forkers' comments on it. The guy's website refers to a YouTube video.  It's worth looking at, to see see just how dreadful it is:

I have resisted the temptation to post a very rude comment on that thread myself.


Oops, just realised I got wrong mum earlier! Should have said Liz not Caz.

RAC man has replaced battery in my car - yes I know it's daft to pay their prices but it's done now! We had a good chat about dogs - Pepper, the Shih Tzu, was shamelessly throwing himself at the chap as he does, he's such a show-off

Grot-miz day again, got to take dogs out yet

Miss Becks

Afternoon Lovelies!

Snow hasn't stopped all morning. Thank goodness Jess is off for a week next week. Fed up of walking now.

I just watched that video Gary. I nearly fell asleep!! He must have one of the most boring, mind-numbing voices I have ever heard!!

Hope your car gets fixed Flo.

Geoff, you better be right about that weather! Else, well, you know what will happen!

 EDIT: Glad your car's done Flo.

Bunny ...
Raining here now..... Wash the snow awayyyyyyyy then ...
bring me sunshiiiiine
All the whiiiiile
In my greeeeeenhouse
Sowinnnnng tiiiiiiime

So tired lately, OH too not sure why , lack of sun perhaps.



Have had a quick look-it appears the technique involves stamping all over the ground  in big boots-is that it??

Not exactly Gone With The wind

Bunny ...
Just about using one of those tools isn't it , I switched off ....I trowel dig about mainly , unless need to....don't get thrills for digging in clay too much .
Gary Hobson

Batteries are very expensive. I had mine replaced by a garage a couple of years ago and it was £80. And it still went flat this Winter. They only get recharged if you give the car a decent run of 20 minutes or so. If you only do small trips, then they will run down, and need a recharge.

There might be a bit more in the guy's book. But the video is not encouraging. There is a reputable technique called no-dig, but it's not like that.

Pennine Petal
Still snowing here, dentist emailed to ask if I would like to reschedule. She is a good friends and has to go over the hills herself. Moved it to Friday now.

My mum was a nurse in training in Uxbridge in 1939, she was only 17 and said it was the best time of her life. It could have been something to do with the RAF camp close by.

Blackbirds enjoying the food, good job no cats around, they are not fond of the snow.

Toasted chees sandwich and a cuppa, OH looking after me while I work.
Miss Becks

Not encouraging! It makes you want to put a bullet through your head!! Definately be 'No digging' then!