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You've done it again Sam

Caz W

 Dean - my son sent me the link to that last week - it's hysterical !!  And there's another funny one with Dick Tingler & co.

Sue H
Sam can u cobble me a bike together? Fancy one. Evening all. Back for a short while from the saltmines. Everyone doing all these garden things! No time at present. Hope Sunday is ok weatherwise. Will get on then. Did I read that someone got an Aldi coldframe? Whats it like. Up to the job?

Jo - we have radiator valves and a portable thermostat. So if we are in living room it heats that but other rooms based on the valves just tick over. Then late afternoon evening we take thermostat into Big room and living room etc tick over, at night so that bedrooms warm up we put thermostat (low temperature) on landing and it keeps house warm. It seemed complicated when we first had it but it works and is economical 


Caz W

Evening Sue   I saw the Aldi coldframe in the brochure and thought it looked good.  Think it was Bunny who said she got one.  Where are you Bunny??????  You've gone suspiciously quiet tonight - what are you up to?

Oakley Witch
Bollox. Dont know how that happened i was watchin blackadder lol
Bunny Valentine wrote (see)
Evening all

Managed Aldi and Asda,,,the excitement , got some flower seeds in Aldi and cold frame as you do when OH with you he now fancies a 'party' tonight so alcohol chilling eeeeeeeee .
Pleased days have gone well for you all, JC , daughters , keys, OHs ....haven't you all been busy . ....well other than Geoff tsk .
I have only done potatoes the once , don't think I left them long enough, in a bag , kept topping up in growth, tiny when took them out but did taste better, perhaps I should try again ....not sure I know what I'm doing though, novice at veg ...well novice at it all as I'm sure you have gathered hehe.

Right need me comfys on ....

Having what she calls a party Caz-might be euphemism

Caz W

Sounds like she's on a Valentine's promise to me Geoff   Better not disturb her


Should have mad an apple-pie bed-first find the apples

Bunny ...
Cooooooeeeeeeeee was scoffing am afraid , soooooooo back to potatoes ...

Charlotte and some others I shall look at , but I'm wayyy early as in the Siberian north .
Hmm jelly babies yummm, ironing ones face ewww , CIA ...Bradley Walsh saw that on something recently dunno what.
Hello Sam , I'm kinda behaved hehe motorbikes excellent , OH watches all build progs not that he has a bike
Cold frame yes..meeeeee, it's still in its box , giz a chance I shall look in the morning
What else have I missed ...
Deanos Diggin It

Beck's! I'm egging!

Geoff! Thats the baby Had me in Tupp's !

Caz! You should have posted earlier! I Don't do telly! n apparentry there is a silly going about for "A Real Night Out" as she slip's from top step to bottom!

Right! I'm out of here! Check ya all later!


Bunny ...
Mad an apple pie bed ??? Geoff

Wanted to make carrot cake tomo , forgot the sunflower oil booooooo
Bunny ...
Tupps ???? Sheep why have sheep


Bunny ...
Lol thanks Geoff that shut up about potatoes

Courgette, cabbage, leek, carrot ....
Caz W

Bunny!  Did you enjoy your - er - party?

Bunny ...
Ughhh all I can hear is lab olive gnawing her antler .

Lol caz ...wasn't an orgy , just some Hendricks and tonic , risotto and now a mateus rose

So a dead bloke some drugs an Italian and a mademoiselle-sounds like an orgy to me

Bunny ...
Hehehe Geoff ...not wild enough for the bunny club