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Have stopped dipping now

Good day all-will read back and see what I have missed

Miss Becks

I've just found a programme on iplayer called 'A Summer In Wales'. Only watched 20 mins so far, but am enjoying it! Like stuff like this.

Bunny ...
You missed cake Geoff

Sounds good...summer
Deanos Diggin It

Bunny! It needs too! Bloody freezing cold today!  

Right, best "Do One" OH wants laptop, old bag of bones one, but reliable it is!   say "goodnight all" my Saturday in!

Bunny ...
Soon be home time Saturday dean , bye for now.

Heatwave on its way....get those BBQs out




Tonight I am mostly going to be knitting

Will pop in from time to time as long as I can stay awake - didn't last night


Good evening all - and latecomer Geoff!

Lottie, it's Thinking Day today, isn't it? Or don't they have that any more? Is this the reason for a sleepover in a hut in the coldest part of the year ???

It's a knitting sort of evening, Bjay. I might make a tiny teddy, save me thinking all evening about cake

Caz W

Evening all - what a bone chillingly cold day it's been.  Glad to be home by the fire

.  Hope everyone is warm and well - will try and catch up later.

Had a lovely lunch out today at the restaurant at the top of this building in Swansea city centre (Meridian Tower) which is the tallest in Wales.  The views of the bay and city were fantastic and the food was good too  - we were on the 28th floor!


Bunny ...
Never been to Swansea pleased you got views too...bonus . What did you have?
Hope there was a lift

Do they still sing ging gang goolie these days ...and campfires burning I wonder
(In the cubs etc not in Swansea )

Feel dizzy looking at that building. the views must be amazing. Could you see Mumbles and Gower from there? thinking about it you must have. happy days - Swansea and area

Bunny ...
You from Swansea rosa ?
Caz W

Bunny -  I had something very traditional - beer-battered fish, chips & mushy peas (we were at the seaside after all).  BJay, even though it was a grey day it was clear and Swansea Bay and Mumbles Lighthouse looked very atmospheric.  My camera battery only managed 5 pictures of the city, but will get my son to transfer some pics he took of the bay when he gets around to it (snoozing on sofa at the moment). 

Lottie - sorry to hear about your brother .

Bunny ...
Ooooh its the law to have fish chips n peas at the seaside isn't it mmmmm

Just partaking in a chilled nz ..heeee.


Caz W

View of the city (can just see the Brecon Beacons in the distance)



Student days and visits before in S. Wales. Dad was very South Welsh as well so always been there inside me and around me, hence Nain or Mamgu or something 

When we go up on the hill we can see the Black mountains as well.

Rest from knitting, one sleeve to go, will do some more in minute. I agree with Flo, takes mind off cake and wine.

if this weather keeps up won't have anything new for 1st March avatar

Bunny ...
Great view Caz .

Rosa I see , welsh accent ? Ahh the demon two ..cake and wine. Plenty time to rid that . I'm rubbish a knitting though , have to concentrate so much

Could have pink wheelbarrow for march in the meantime .

No welsh accent here. English me, but proud (very) of my Welsh roots

Bunny ...
;) nowt up with proud , I feel more mancunian that Cumbrian always will .