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Pottie Pam

Back from our visit to Bosvigo. Only the small woodland garden was open so I was a bit disappointed as we expected to spend the afternoon there. Didn't see Carol Klein, she must have been in the warmth inside having a cup of tea. The gardens look stunning in your photo Liz. We'll have to go back in the summer.

Bunny ...

Beans and plums  ....chicken and crumble  or is that  beans n chicken and plums n crumble


Bunny-I think you need to get out more

Bunny ...

Nice woodland, were there any butchers i wonder ...



Hi all ,Miss Becks I meant to say from under her feet otherwise she has me doing jobs around the house.

Bunny ,the weather got worse in the late afternoon with sleet and snow but its not sticking .


Pennine Petal
I'm home, hurray! Finished at 4, sent 'em away happy I think.

Now waiting for OH's fish pie, already prepared and ready to go in the oven.

Trying to snow every now and then.

Watching the rugby in the meantime.
PS nice cake and gardens!
Jean Genie

I'm back in . Half dead , frozen to the marrow but its done. Water feature in place but not plumbed in yet  but I'm pleased with the results. Old trellis didn't take much dismantling as some of the wood had rotted and new one looks great. Just as OH started to put them in place it started to snow . Typical.  Clematis survived the untangling and I took the opportunity to give them a quick trim as they are both group 2 - Nelly and Durandi. Want to start planting now but will have to wait.

What have I missed. ? Saw the pics from Bosvigo - love woodland.

Think I'll change my name to Waynetta and get jim-jams on.

Pennine Petal
Well done Jean, bet you are feeling pleased with your efforts.
Jean Genie

Glyn , I am but I have never felt so cold in my life  I was determined to get it done today. It's going to be my bumble bee border so am really looking forward to getting it planted.

Think I need cake but will wait until after tea.

I HATE honeysuckle root.  not that I'm having that for tea.!


Well done Jean. Water feature as well in this weather brrr. It is group 2 clem I am never sure of so trying ot work it out this year, Would help if I could remember which i have put where

We're having a roast chiclen dinner, don't have one very often any more - not enough people to feed

Son met neighbour and has been given a bottle of home made perry apparently son provided the pears from his pub - well not his pub but where he works - but you know what i mean

Will let you know what it is like. Bonfire night same person provided lavender beer - apparently (well he says) its what the invading Romans would drink, that was very nice despite its name - not too strong and no hops


Evening All

Lovely photos of Bosvigo  Lovely cake  After all the talk of cake yesterday I made Doves recipe for a boiled fruit cake - yummy  Well done Jean

I haven't ventured into the garden today - being dusting and polishing instead 

Just washed up and going to watch Dance for comic Relief after the rugby finishes

Pam LL x

Pennine Petal
Pam could you pop over to my house, I have lots of dust! A slice of fruit cake would be good too!
Pennine Petal wrote (see)
Pam could you pop over to my house, I have lots of dust! A slice of fruit cake would be good too!

You would be very welcome to a slice of fruit cake but I will pass on the dusting

Jean Genie

We are having a late tea due to the fact I got carried away outside and forgot to put the baked potatoes in  lamb steaks, cheesy mushrooms and green beans followed by a small medicinal brandy to warm me up

Bjay - I could just eat a roast.  With group 2 , I usually just give them a little trim to keep the shape in Feb - don't prune too much though or you may lose the flowers. Had to trim Nelly a little more than I wanted to as a certain person stood on the top of it but I'll let him off as he has worked hard today.

I've never made a boiled fruit cake Pam, but have got a recipe somewhere for one that is made with cold tea.

Off to pop the mushrooms in



Miss Becks

We are having a simple dinner. Omlette and chips. Haven't got much in the way of fillings, so it will be bacon, cheese and onion. Maybe some pancakes for after!


Sounds lovely. I like omelettes but am in the minority

Couldn't be bothered to make a crumble so mixed up egg and milk and poured it on plums - another experiment 

Bunny ...
Evening folks

Oh dear derek , least hasnt settle.

Well done jean on your hard work, braver than me out there ...deserve a brandy.

Glyn fish pie ,mmm long time since had one.

Pam boiled cake and dusting , quite a combo.

Roast chicken rosa lovely, I don't make dinners often either takes so long
But perry and lavender to sample eggy plums?

Becks , love omlette or frittata for brekky in this house keeps us going all day

Dog walked and fed , fire on , may watch skyfall depending how long it is.
Is it wine o'clock yet?
Jean Genie

It's brandy o'clock here.   Nice and warm now .


Been watching Lets Dance--Antony Cotton was brilliant

More sniffy bits from Africa