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Building a retaining wall is never easy, methinks!

The sun is out, callou callay, can't wait to get out in it!

Love the garden photos--often forget to take "before' photos. It's heartening to see what has been done rather than focussing on what hasn't yet!

Have to work on some minor construction today, but at least it will be outside!

Bunny ...

Well retaining wall.... Heh we needed to keep garden back , when the builders built the house they built retaining wall for us , we have land drains behind it too. So ... If you can brick lay yer easy enough, heavy work though those 9inch hollow blocks
I didn't put my first pic on as I'm sure you can picture a slab of grass, replaced by slab of clay , a house , then grass

Been emptying pot , I did dahlia from seed and found tubers ... Obv that's what happens lol new to me dahlias , anyway whilst some have rotted some havnt , will they be ok ?? If so what do I do with them ? baffled .

Done ome potting on...more to do of cuttings , moved some stuff to cold frame . Getting nippy now.

OH has suggested Indian tonight

Must say that rhubarb and custard cake sounds lovely

Off out again fact need a brew

Back indoors after a good day in the garden, got lots done. Had one glass of wine whilst preparing dinner, Oh has had 2 while doing s*d all just relaxing in conservatory, but he has worked hard, digging out roots etc from border, bless him. Roast chicken, carrots, cauli, roast spuds and parsnips. Bread and butter pudding made from Hot X buns to follow. I think we have burnt off a few calories today.

Some of you have huge gardens, must take a lot of time and effort. I sometimes think ours is too big, but at least it is just about manageable, and we don't have any more big projects to do.

Enjoy your day in the garden Inka, we are just settling down for the evening here.



Have spent just over two hours outside a supermarket collecting for the dog rescue (money and food, not dogs!) It was bloomin' freezing   That's not a Christmas smiley, it's me with a hat on.  Sun came out about half three and is sort of hanging on in there now. Have just lit wood burner and OH is putting the lamb in the oven to roast

Sue H wrote (see)
Oh no. Have decided that my garden looks like a before Everyone has such beautiful gardens.

Same here Sue. In fact at the moment it's a 'before before' and when I've done some jobs it'll be a 'before'. Can't see me ever achieving an 'after' that's suitable to post piccies of  

Jean Genie

Afternoon forkers   Well didn't manage to wriggle out of it so no gardening done again Bumble bee border still the same as last week but plan to have a good bash this week. Sort of enjoyed Liverpool - the Liver Buildings and the waterfront. A lot has changed since I last visited but a lot busier than I expected. To be honest not somewhere I would choose to go for a day out but it's done now. Son enjoyed himself which was the main reason we went.

Thr pictures of everyone's gardens look lovely ,  Not taking any photos of mine yet until it looks a bit better.

If you are still around, Chris - have the taccas come yet ? Still waiting for mine.



Hi Jean.

No I haven't received my order yet, just checked the e-mail they sent me and it said it would be dispatched during 1st week in March, so expecting sometime with the next week. Looking forward to getting the taccas going. Something a bit different

Thanks everyone for letting me nosey round your plots, lovely pics and a lot of hard work going on. I've set my self a target to get all borders tidy by next weekend, time alone will tell if I make it.

Enjoy the rest of your day.



Hi all.

Awol -been doing daughter's garden the last 2 days & swallowing painkillers to stop the drug side-effects getting too much. So far so good....

Tomorrow & tuesday, weather permitting I'm doing my garden!

I'll catch up sometime, I hope, but then maybe not.... J.

Bunny ...
Back in , brrrrr cold now , need a shower but dog walk first, OH still working . Aching and tired ...pleased decided on takeaway tea .

Just going to ave slow roasted shoulder of lamb, cooked on bed on onion and lots of garlic, with carrot, broccoli, and potatoes, oh and wine gravy

Afters for me will be fresh fruit pot

All washed down with a chardonnay/semillion. Yum to all


Oh & before Geoff reminds me that it's not my garden, I have followed my instructions, most of the time.....

I'm planning to do the first cut of my patch either tomorrow/tues. It's been sooo dry up here for ages, so am grabbing the chance. I need to re-edge it as well, that always makes everywhere look smarter, even when it isnt.

Bjay, that's some size of garden- good old MOD!

I've lots of snowdrops & crocus now well out & even a couple of tete a tete daffs, plus an unknown early small one. Not a snowdrop to be seen anywhere in daughter's- I've offered some of mine, but she declined. I must rescue one clump that is trying beneath an evergreen fern that is now huge.

We've just had a mascapone & spinach potato bake with buttered crusty bread & salad cream for me & OH- it just perks it up somehow. They've had jam sponge pudding & cream for pud.

Right, the ironing awaits. J.

Sue H
Have lots of tete a tete dafs out. Crocus. Decided to edge front path. Ever decided this was not a good idea! Was hard work. Looks like line was drawn by a drunken women. Just like. BECS lettuce !
Bunny ...
I'm here just done the 50min round trip to get the Indian takeaway (perils of living out amongst the nothingness ) , its warming in oven so time for a chilled glass (or rather not chilled yet glass of white with ice)

Where is everyone else? In their greenhouses ?

I think everyone is knackered.. 

Rosa carriola, your pic looks a bit like mine looks now, we will have to take solice in the thought that it will look worse before it looks better. Im sure it will all be worth it. (It better had be)


Tired from hard day in garden! may be.

Just had very nice wine, OH insisted on having last glass because of  WW on Tuesday. he said i'll thank him then  - don't think I feel like thanking him now -

It's the same with the cake you insist on cooking Bunny



Telly watching-reading newspapers

Bunny ...
Eeeeeek no cake left here

Would you like some of my wine ...just opened the bottle

Yes please  Don't tell though

Bunny ...
I won't tell ... ****pours large wine****

Glug  Thanks 

Just too quiet here tonight