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Sue H
Morning bunny. Same outlook front and back.GREY.must be cold. Cats dont want to go out!!

Morning all. Which way is the wind blowing Bunny? Back to front I hope. 3° drizzle here. Friends coming to lunch.

Sue H
Snowing now.
Pennine Petal
Morning all, snowed overnight, thank goodness no work today. At least not going out to work.

Just talking about banning chewing gum on the news. That's a sticky one!!!!!!



Who chews chewing gum on the news?


Morning All and Happy Mothers Day to all Mums out there, hope you get lots of flowers and choccies. Going to see my M at about 11 ish.

Didn't realise my last posting would cause such a debate, my 5 mins of fame.

Not a very nice morning here, snowy drizzle if there is such a thing.

I've been to Bunny in Nottinghamshire, near to where I used to live, a very nice little place, or it was when I last visited a long time ago.

Thanks for your comments on HP printers, I now have 2 full ink cartridges for the Kodak, friend has one so will give them to her. Hopefully I will have more luck with this new one.

Have a nice day.

ChrisX ( for Bunny) AKA??????

Deanos Diggin It

Morning All!

 "Happy Mothers Day" to all Mum's out there! 

And to all those posting, please do so quietly! 

I have a thick head! 


Sue H
Love that plant. Grown or bought?

Thanks Dean, that cyclamen arrangement will look lovely on my windowsill.

Did you have a few too many bevvies last night? take things quietly today after your fry up, the best cure for a hangover.



Morning, and Happy Mother's day to everyone! Trying to snow here, finishing sowing my chilli seeds today, watching rugby then making nice dinner for 'The Boss' tonight. Have a good one folks!

Deanos Diggin It

Neither Sue! Cadged from work!  Oh, check ya inbox! 

Chris! Your welcome!  n there'll be no greasy food going down this neck this morning!  More Coffee!!!! 

Sue H
Deano - have you tried andrews liver salts? Sure way to revive you from that feeling. Even better if you hit them the night before



Morning, Forkers.

Got soaked in a cloudburst when I nipped to the stupidmarket yesterday teatime - the road turned into a river. Don't think I'll be visiting the allotment - AKA claypit - today.

Might go to shop at Street, after I have listened to The Archers omnibus, had a shower, procrastinated a bit more.......


Morning All

Dean how did you lnow cyclamen are favourites down here so those are much appreciated

Hangover - no sympathy- you're old enough to know when to stop - I think - mind you some people never learn

Didn't find the answer though Chris

Been outside - came in quickly soo cold , OH said supposed to snow later. 

Bed survived the night, but it did make odd noise again - OH has checked and said it seems OK. Just in case I will research beds and their prices

Sue H
Love that plant. Grown or bought?
Pottie Pam

Happy Mother's Day,

So far I've only got a card from the dog. I'm not convinced it is from him though as although he says 'thank you for choosing me as a pup' he goes on to thank me for cutting his nails which he hates, unless he's being sarcastic.

Going to sons for lunch and will see daughter later so might get some booty then

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Snow is coming down, but not sticking. Quite cold though.

Hope all you mummies have a lovely day! Lovely flowers Dean!