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Caz W

Bunny - perhaps you need a wee dram or have you already had a few???

Bunny ...
I always talk to myself ... Part of living out amongst trees tree hugging

Ok will keep checking ...fanx **shy retiring smiley**

No green tea here ...just waiting for OH then a wine perhaps
I'm hyped on 2hours of gardening progs I think...the excitement
Bunny ...
***talks to self ***

Garlic guru ..can implant my garlic yet ...having had this Siberian spell ?

You want garlic implants??- have you discussed this??

Bunny ...
HA touch type . I might as well have loads ...

You know what I mean


hollie hock

Haven't watched news at 10 for years until tonight, loved the ferret/pine marten running across the pitch. Even better when one of them got bit by it and it needed someone to hold his hand as he walked off with a plaster


Bunny, there doesn't seem to be a party on tonight, only a funny little rabbit talking to herself. It all seems a bit quiet. Perhaps it's the weather and they're in bed where it's warmer.

Move snowdrops after flowering when the leaves are still green.

Did anyone see the pine marten running across the football pitch?

Going to bed. Need hot chocolate. Is it very fattening?

Bunny ...
It's normal for bunnies to chatter

Hmm so flowers finished and died? I've never moved them

I did see it on news...good tackle

No not fattening ...depends what you use , full fat milk , what choc etc . Better that than some things. I use options but its so sweet , maybe 1pp tsp/11g can't remember . Sleep well. Have warm milk n honey instead .
Bunny ...
Ohhh I didn't see someone get bit haaaaa ....oooops wuss

Ev'ning All

Daughter just gone - i have to say Bunny what are you on????

Daughter and I drank bottle of prosecco so am feeling very warm

Learnt a few things tonight which explaind why she's been so grumpy just lately. Hmmm!

Had my hair cut as well, then OH had his done (daughters partner a hairdresser)

My hair won't get caught in the plants any more - well not for a while 

So what's news?

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Another freezer last night. There were some nice pretty frost pattens on the inside of the greenhouse windows this morning.   Temperature beneath two layers of fleece was +2. 

I think we've hit the bottom. Daytime temps forecast to increase, very slowly, day by day for the rest of the week.

Sue H
Morning all. Very chilly here. -4 !!! Snowy. Like middle of winter again. Come back spring! Will need to scrape car of ice All my poor daffs which were just about to flower are knocked down by frost. Will have to get out with sticks and string later.
Must get ready for what is last week at saltmines:
Pennine Petal
Morning all, couldn't get out of bed this morning. Running late now, hope I don't need to clear the windscreen.
Catch you later.

Mornin all ,  A very bright cold -2 here on the east coast of Ireland


Bunny ...
Morning all

-3 , frosty but sunny with blue skies . I have the sheer excitement of stacking log load delivery , then greenhouse for seed sowing , nothing's up from yesterday's sowing yet


Jean Genie

Morning frozen forkers  it's the same here . We've had a light fall of snow through the night and it looks like someone has sprinkled talcum powder everywhere. Haven't been outside yet but I can imagine what it's like out there.

Gary - I do hope you're right about the weather changing.

Birds galore on the fatballs and the table 's nearly empty again. That will be the first job of the day.

Bunny - surely you are not drinking already ?


Morning all,

Sunny here but a stiff breeze, by the looks of the waving tree branches. Brrrrr.....have to zip off to work now. Enjoy your gardens, lucky people.

Bunny ...
Morning Jean

Think il feed the birds the loaf that didn't rise yesterday in bread machine

Nettle tea Jean ...don't worry


Not cold here-might move soon