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Gary Hobson
sotongeoff wrote (see)

The pagination issue seems to have been partially fixed-I can now access my previous 100 posts but no more than that at the moment

For most people 100 posts is more than adequate. I'm usually only interested in those I've posted within the past few days. Asking for more system changes, to enable a handful of users to see more than 100 posts can't really be a high priority.

You can always use Mr Google.


I am not most people- I want see post 101 and I want it now-I also want to fly to the moon,have summer all year round,free water gas and electricity,holiday in the Bahamas and win the lottery-it will be in my next election manifesto


I have watered and dead headed. Plants are now frying out there. I have picked 5 beans

He put 6 wallflowers into the basket, I could not work out what season it was for.


Gary, have you considered that Geoff probably does post over 100 in a few days! 100 is great for me and other normal mortals, though ;- )


Kate, you're right about the plants frying. My beautiful purple blue hydrangea which flowered for the first time this year (and spectacularly) is now looking scorched. Such a shame. Its in the front border which gets full afternoon sun, so no wonder really.

I have the first small beans on my runner beans! There is hope of a crop yet! But the dwarf french beans I sowed recently have done nothing. Win some, lose some I suppose.



6 wallflowers in one basket-that is a big basket

I never claim to be normal

-has anyone got any tomatoes showing the glimpse of ripening-this excludes Pam-we are all going there for supplies in the middle of the night

All my bargain plants from my trips to B& Q are flowering the petunias,nemesia ,begonias-and the 20 or so geraniums that I paid a £1 for are showing flower buds

Almost worth wearing beige for


We have 1 tomato just turning red in the greenhouse, plenty of green ones, so hopefully should have a good crop. Runner beans are setting well, with a few about 1" long. Just about finished the broad beans, one more boiling and that's it. not many to start with this year.


I have 4 tomatoes that I reckon I can pick around Monday.  First mini crop of beans yesterday.  Things are looking up


I am hoping to be picking beans in 7/10 days -tomatoes still green but I keep looking.

Hot,hot,hot news-I saw  a man taking a photo of next door-the THE HOUSE IS UP FOR SALE-yippee -well until even more annoying people move in-asking price is £200,000-the agent -ever optimistic -reckons they are desirable but cannot see it going for that - we shall see.

This is now a very good day


Just off to pick some broad beans now as they seem to be doing well. Got far too many to eat so they will have to go in the freezer. Anyone got any tips for freezing them or is it straightforward?


We had a very stressful night - we live next door to the man who was shot by police last night. We had to leave our house for a few hours and the road is still full of police vehicles


Pam I saw that in the news and I did wonder how big Woking was, 

Geoff my  tomatoes do not even have flowers Interesting news about neighbour


When I saw Knaphill this morning I wondered

Explains yesterdays tarting up-if it doesn't  sell quickly them any buyers are going to be put off when the weeds grow back-perhaps this time we might just get someone who likes a garden


You could get someone who loves to garden but plants 12 russian vines I suppose yesterday  was just for the photos.


Gary thanks for that Im going to put it in the front garden. My OH has had his chance and now Im going to claim his off road parking. Ill dig over the gravel add top soil compost and feeding (all when hes at work) he may not notice. He parks on the street so thats my excuse. Do you think Ill get away with it?

We just got rid of the most annoying neighbour ever I even considered  organizing a community buy out to get rid of her, it took 3 years for the house to sell. She left last weekWe may have a street party now.

Do you think we could request a smiley with a halo..





Looks like it- I wonder if I can vet all potential buyers


Jenny is this it I originally thought it was a cap. I cut 6 inches off both sides of the lawn and OH did not notice for months


FloBear the photos Gary has uploaded are the cuttings I have. Ill keep on top of it give it a trim now and then.

Geoff I work with someone who is determined to get the neighbour he wants hes certainly not the most tactful person around!! When he sees potential buyers hes straight out starts up a polite conversation, weighs them up then if they dont suit he starts on the 4ft! of snow, roads closed, horrendous heating bills etc. He has actually put 4 couples off now. Hes really pleased with himself


I thought it was a french look but thats good if its a halo.

Theyre not very observant these OHs I can get away with murder


It says it is an angel, we do not need to use it very  often OH gives me guidance in the garden, which I nod at, he always offers to prune stuff but this is no longer allowed.