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Black no sug here please - I'm just popping empties into recycling bin 

Sue H
Morning all. Bit late here. Been reading my dummies user guide for this thing. Head now in pieces. Going to try to post some pics. You could end up with anything! ! Don't be surprised if you get pics of Christmas or cats
Bunny ...
White with sugar to remain sweet


Bunny ...
**snigger** Sue ....what is this new gadget?
Pottie Pam

Hi everyone,

Sorry I missed the party but at least I'll have a clear head this morning. Hope you all got home okay and didn't have to pay extra to have the taxi cleaned.

Sue H
Samsung galaxy. Had it since Christmas. Came with no instruction book. Bahhh. Just been sent dummies guide for it. Sure it does hundreds of things I don't know about. Think I have just sent pictures of flowers to son .....
Bunny ...
Ooooh lovely thanks .... Warm me hands round it brrrrrr.
Bunny ...
Hehe Pam

Oh sue , I'm sure son will smile

Hello again. Have just had coffee so a bit more with-it now

Sunshine and showers predicted all day here, will have to time dog-walking so we don't all get wet as yesterday.

Sue, good luck with your Galaxy thingy - just learn to do one thing for now. I see you double -posted - is that the Galaxy or you

Pam, it was more handbags than taxis that needed cleaning

Bunny ...
I need something more powerful than coffee to get me moving today

How about acute embarrassment? I just posted a help query to the techies re notifications and have found it's all my fault as I ticked a box when partying last night    It's made me feel all wriggly and silly now.

Deanos Diggin It

Yesterday's freebie's un-boxed, misted, n left to recuperate,


and with weather supposed to take a nose dive tomorrow, I shall spend a nice leisurely Sunday potting them up!

Flasked filled, radio charged, off to play out for a bit! I have some roses n a few fruit tree's to plant out!

Play nicely!  n enjoy your afternoon's!




Back from shopping expedition - not very successful. Drove the scenic route there through Muchelney and some of the back roads still have some interesting 'puddles'. Good job I drive a Land Rover!

Got to my destination to find that the proper shoe shop I was going there for has closed down - typical. Farmers' Market was good. Waitrose was rammed with posh old biddies so I backed out and went to Lidl instead, where I found a mini growing tunnel for the allotment, so not all bad.

Breakfast was rubbish - chose the wrong caff! I have never eaten a slice of bacon that tasted of absolutely nothing before.....


G'day All (whispering)

Great party. Can't remember the last time I danced on a table. Sorry left abruptly but just had to have the pills. Better today 

Nothing exciting to report - while partying son no1 text to say they were sitting in dark with no heating. Gas people had cut off gas (digging up road) only they cut through electricity cable as well. he sent out for chinese take away. he said workmen weren't ompressed when there take away arrived at same time as pizza arrived next door. Finally connected about 11

have been tryin to get head around plant order - not doing very well

Bunny ...
Well done Flo ...I think you deserve today's silly hat

Nice work dean ....I see you have liz sat on your windowsill bless her
Have fun playing out ...too cold for that here .

Aww goldi least the farmers market was good , shame about the bacon ...maybe it was horse

Still haven't moved far
Sue H
Oh no. Still sat here in pj's trying to fathom this book out Getting a bit brighter outside. Will get dressed and go out. Need to sow seeds. Which should I do. Have small heated propogater? ? Ideas on a postcard please