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Jean Genie

Bjay, I planted mine up and covered with cling film and left them in dining room by the patio windows. They germinated after about 2 weeks so I moved them into the conservatory and took the film off . I put the heating on low during the chilly nights. Is there anywhere you could put them in the house near a window until the weather warms up ?


House is overrun with my little babies!!

Difficult especially as some of my baskets are manky, only replace when they totally disintegrate

I'll give it a go. Wondered if Gary has any input on this ? as he lives about same lattitude as me

Jean Genie

Sure someone will. I haven't got a greenhouse  But the conservatory 's looking pretty full .


So when and where are you going on the bus Bjay?

Bunny ...
Equinox dictates date.. Brothers birthday is 21st , spring 20-22

Ohhh babies everywhere I hear

Still cooking , going to make roasted Tom, pepper quiche next in a cooking mood as too cold for greenhouse


Jean Genie

 Bunny - I've just invited myself over to your house !


You will need a white coat Jean

Bunny ...
Come on over jean...

White coat ?

Boo hiss! Got rained off before I could play with new raised beds.

But here's a picture of them...

 That's the 3 of them stacked on top of each other. They're 4' x 2.5' x 8", and I think are some sort of heavy duty packing thing - they've got strong galvanised hinges at each corner, so can fold flat as well. Bloke found them on the 'take this scrap wood free' pile at a local builder's merchants. Not sure if they were treated or not, so I've cuprinoled them, then painted with blackboard paint.

Here's the new log store that bloke's just built me so he can store more bikes up my back passage.

 And here's my back passage!

 Thought I'd paint a couple of garden chairs as well, they're not usually there. My house is at the far end. 

And here's a little pic of the garden.

 If you look closely, you can see Penny dog mooching about at the end. Very pleased with the new growth on the rose arching over the trellis on the left.

Right, it's stopped raining now, so back out into the garden!



lol, figrat, I dont know many people who can get a couple of motorbikes and a bistro set in their back passage, let alone space enough to hang some pictures..


People with white coats Bunny come for those who talk to themselves

Very good use of a back passage figrat


I approve Figrat, of your back passage, I grew up with an 'entry', door both ends. Also impressed by 'bloke', any chance send him over this way?? As for the raised bed find, you lucky s*d!

Jean on-line grocery shopping is good. I've used Tesco monthly since Jan 08 when not allowed to drive. In all that time only had 1 bad experience- glass bottle of oil broken over all my & others shopping. Customer service brill on that occasion & also the time had duff (very offhand, rude) delivery driver!

Seriously I do a monthly 'stock shop'. All the heavy items- tins, bulk buys etc & sometimes fresh veggies, but take care you dont get just 1 carrot instead of 1 pack! No petrol cost, wonky trolley, bad back from loading/unloading trolley/car etc or hassle over parking spaces. Today he bought the crates into my kitchen when I explained that my back was playing up again. (memo to self -dont try to lift large pot of Choc cosmos without bending ze knees!)

You're less inclined to 'impulse buy', still get good deals. Your favorites are stored & you can even do a list for future orders if you want. You choose a 1hr slot, some pretty cheap, to suit you. Wouldnt use it for every shop, but a lot less hassle for the 'big' ones. Just takes a little forethought, a decent running list of 'stock' items & a well-trained family (Ha) who leave empty packets or note when last of the item been/being used!

I've even been in the greenhouse, left a note stuck to front door & they come to call you if not heard the van pull up.

Right, rest of spiders await, just had an apple break. J.

Gary Hobson

I have no experience of seed disks. If you've got room in the cold GH for the baskets, then you could put them in there. It's usually several degrees warmer in a cold GH than it is outside. But, personally, I wouldn't try to germinate the disks in the warmth, and then plant up the disks into a cold basket which is outside.

Those very posh raised beds (almost too good to fill with soil) look as though they'll need an awful lot of compost.

I've become a convert to on-line groceries. The big advantage, as I see it, is that it makes shopping totally stress-free. When ordering items, you can put comments by each one, for the 'picker' to read - such as 'yellow bananas' or 'small mushrooms'. I've opted for 'delivery saver', so you pay an upfront fee, and then have no delivery charges.

I noticed that, this week, they are offering bags of compost, 3x50 litres for £10 - delivered to wherever you want - dumped into raised beds, if you wish, I suppose.


Figrat, loved your garden, envious of your wood store, A path to wander down and see what's new every day, even if it is a weed. Raised beds looks brill.(sigh)

Just come in for break - pottered in GH then planted up pieris and positioned new pot I bought it, on drain cover, well how else can you attempt to hide them

Now potted up one of the lonicera ntida bought to make into balls - could only do one as ran out of JI2

Then planted a Jostaberry have had in apot since it arrived at Christmas (thanks Dean) It seems it's a cross between a blackcurrant and a gooseberry

Bunny ...
Great work figrat...what a passage


Mission accomplished!
A pleasant 12C in greenhouse. Some seeds sown for my heated propagators.
Some Sungold, some Roma tomatoes (give them a try), a few baby cucumbers, Cleome (no success last year, will have another go) and some Schizanthus.

Last year I lost quite a few seedliings, I think it was the larva of fungus gnats that ate the roots.
Had a wander round the garden too for a bit of a survey. Looks like I am going to be busy! Some parts need a bit an overhaul. There are some shrubs that were in when we moved in 9 1/2 years ago. I left tem as there wasn't much. Some things have not performed well enough. They need to go to put in something I prefer!

Quick coffee then school pick up!
Gary Hobson

Just seen Goeff's comment on the MORNING FORKERS thread.

Have to say that I totally agree with Geoff. The guy who started that thread had got a lot of cheek. He also started another thread this morning again using capital letters, trying to give the impression that he has some brilliant idea. He's got a big ego, that's for sure.

I haven't put anything on those threads. The best way to deal with people with that sort of attitude is just to click on 'ignore' and ignore all his stuff... better than trying to ague with unpleasant individuals.

I don't know what's wrong with the Monthy gardening thread - why doesn't he chat on that. He's definitely trying to do a rip-off on the forkers idea, an unpleasant character, and someone to ignore.

Bunny ...
Sounds like a good day Nola

Geoffrey I can always take my chatter elsewhere .......

Well done Nola and Bjay-it rained


Bunny you are a proper forker -not a pseudo forker-you better stay here where we understand you