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'Boggle' is a game isn't it. we have one in our caravan

Thanks for help Bunny camr to nothing as ever, But I have now a pattern for a hat - will show you when done

Just been attempting to find some photos for garden gallery but could only find 2 that were in 2011. Sure I have more up to date - any way posted

OH came back from shops with a net of logs as nk way can he get down garden to chop ore wood. Expensive way of doing it I think

Jean Genie

Bjay - just been looking at your begonias on the other thread . Yours are massive , mine are just breaking bud . Hope that doesn't mean mine aren't going to grow well.

Sausage and egg buttie here  Just came back from garden centre - snow ploughs been out so roads pretty clear now . OH drove - not me. Nothing exciting , just a blokey bit for water feature that won't be getting sorted today.


Has Flo been around today?-or has she fallen down a hole?



That is only the one tray though and the corms are very big. On the other 2 trays they are just budding and on one are a couple of small leaves. Still, although I say it myself, I'm quite pleased with them Thanks

I was sure I had a photo from last year with a big bloom the size of my hand, but can I find it

It stopped snowing about half hour ago, think there's more to come though

Bunny ...
Hey that's my warren hole



I feel left out-no snow-just cold and damp

My tomato seedlings need potting on-they have nowhere to go.


Hello oneanall.

Have been standing about in a very muddy field since 9.00am. As you do.
There is a local Food Festival going on and the dog rescue was offered a free pitch. No, not for a hot dog stall! Two of us set up and did the first stint from 9 til 12. I'm the van driver today so was stuck until OH came to get me. He was an hour late with a raging hangover. I'm just warming up and will be going back later to pack away and drive van assuming it hasn't sunk up to its axles in the mud.

Jean Genie

Geoff - you can have every bit of mine. Hate the stuff. All my plans been put on hold - again.

Caz W

Afties all - cough, splutter

.  Feeling better with regards to headaches/high temp/b.p. but chest still bad.  OH still applying the Vick

BJay - I had to laugh at mental image of scarey cat sneezing itself off sofa

.  By the way, I don't have a knitting pattern for an egg cosy but I do have one for a little chick which can be "stuffed" or is the right size to "insert" creme egg (awaits schoolboy humour comments)

Here's one I made earlier (last year actually)


Miss Becks

Same here Jean!!

Oh Flo! Cold??

Bunny ...
Shouldn't have started so early Geoff
Jean Genie

Flo - you must be freezing . I've only been out for half an hour and it's baltic out there.

Hope you did well on the stall to make up for it.


Yes, Becks, about 4 degrees. But no wind or rain to speak of so mustn't grumble

Caz - so cute



Jean, the coldness was a good excuse to indulge in a hot wild boar sausage baguette

Caz W

Flofrozen - sounds awful out there!  Haven't ventured outside for 2 days and it's not even bad weather here.

Bunny -


My healing hands are at the ready for those cold and ill



Back from the gurt town, safely back in Trumpton. I came, I shopped, I scarpered!

I bought 2 tops, one pair of trowsis, two pairs of shoes (but I have to wait for one pair to be delivered as they only had them in beige in the shop - no way am I wearing beige!), one flat cotton sheet, two cotton pillow cases and......A CAMERA . It's charging its battery now, but I shall take it out to the allotment (and lots of other places probably) tomorrow. I have a couple of SLRs, but I wanted something that would fit in my pocket.

What a lot of snow, you poor things. Just bitterly cold and damp here, the same as Geoff.

Off to the pub for a little while - all that shopping has fried my brain!


Goldi - a successful shop and now the pub. That sure beats standing about in a field