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Miss Becks

We don't go until Friday evening, so no need for goodbyes yet, plus I'm taking my laptop, so will still be popping in to get the gossip in the evenings.

I used to love Caramac when I was a kid! Always had a caramac egg at Easter. Thinking of that egg used to get me through the Easter Sunday service at church!


Gosh, Caramac, I'd forgotten all about that! Also had the waiting until after Easter Sunday Service experience. Don't remember which egg I liked best, though.

Miss Becks

I haven't seen it in shops for ages! Do they still make it??

Thinking back, church services were so long as a kid. Christmas Morning one was a killer as well.

Pennine Petal

Becks, I liked Caramac too, but for an Easer egg, a Dairy Box egg was always best.

Kate, a perennial osteopermumTresco purple, actea Samuel Crompton, agastache Black Adder, potentilla x tonguei, erigeron karvinskianus and a couple of grasses. Could have bought a lot more! Once I have charged the camera, I'll post some photos.

Dean, lovely lily.

Watchng Annie Lennox on who do you think you are.


Caramac seems to be available in Sainsburys according to mysupermarket website.

Christmas morning - yes, another one.


Miss Becks

Oh yes Glyn, Dairy Box. Mmmm.

Flo, you genius! Just checked Asda's site, and they have them as well!! Oh my.


Glyn I keep reading about the blackadder, I have added it to my list. My mum gave me some erigeron and I now have enough to have been able to give it away. I look forward to the photos.

I never did the christmas morning service, we always did the midnight one.

Miss Becks

I wish David. We're off to stupid Menorca,Spain.

Pennine Petal
Becks, it might not taste the same any more though!
David, they are supposed to be pretty good this year I hear.

I'm taking a couple of our Jordanian PhD students to Scarborough tomorrow with their 3 year old. When we used to teach in Jordan, the students always took us out sightseeing, so doing my bit now. We'll be picnicking - should there be a k there, it looks wrong with it and wrong without it!

Glyn, that's like the trouble I had with taxiing the other day! On the whole nicking looks slightly better than nicing.

Kate, we did the midnight one a few times; once, memorably, it started to snow just as we came out.

Becks, I'm worried now. What if, as Glyn suggested, it doesn't taste the same  :- /

Miss Becks

No David. Long story short, I was asked by my best friend to go, as her husbands daughter (Her Step daughter) is a Daddy's girl and a spoilt brat apparently, and is also coming with her 8 year old even more spoilt daughter, so she asked me to go to even the balance. I said yes, but regret it now. Also, jess and my best friends son, who is 7 do nothing but bicker. 

We sometimes did both kate.

Oh dear, my Caramac memories are going to be shattered aren't they!!

Pennine Petal
Flo, the novel I was reading the night of that conversation spelled it a taxi-ing!!!
Pennine Petal

Dove Cottage photos now uploaded to garden gallery thread.

Have a lovely day everyone. Scarborough here we come!


Jean Genie

Morning all, Becks I can't believe you are so close to your holiday and not a little excited yet - bet Jess is.

David, have a good time in Blackpool - not been there for years and enjoy Scarborough , Glyn.

I'm off to get some basket plants for the front . Not sure what yet but hoping for inspiration while I'm walking round G.C. Any ideas would be welcome.

My friend is passing me '' 50 shades of grey '' to read . Oh my Lord - don't know whether or not I want to or not. I've heard stories about that book !


Gary Hobson

I have not read the 50 Shades of Grey. Am waiting for someone to review it, to save me the effort.

There was an article about that book in the local Coventry paper a couple of days ago. A local woman had wanted to start up some kind of club for women based around the idea of 50 Shades of Grey parties. I have no idea what said parties would involve (not having read said book). But the publishers seemed to have beeen threatening some kind of legal action against her over the use their trademark. Caption in the newspaper reads 'Authors lawyers slap ban on city entrepeneurs hopes to cash in on bonkbuster book'.

At least I've leaned another new word, bonkbuster (though am not quite certain of the meaning).



It is a lovely day here but I am off to the shops or there will be nothing for dinner. I will look for some Caramac.

Jean are you looking for winter bedding? 

I have never been to Blackpool.

Miss Becks

Good morning all. Jean, yes she is!

Glyn, are you going today? Hope you have a lovely time.

Gary, My younger sister is an Ann Summers Host, and it seems her latest theme is that pornographic book!! (Jean, it doesn't surprise me you're reading it!!!! )

Kate, if you find some, report back with a taste test.

Jean Genie

Lovely day here as well, Kate . Just looking for something to put in baskets other than winter pansies.

Gary - I am not sure if I want to read that book now.

Becks I'm sure you think I go out gardening in kinky boots !  I'm far too old for that sort of thing - honest !!!  Jess will have a great time .

Bonkbuster !!! Oh my word.