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Glyn I have a confession Geoff and I and our friends have done this silly thread thing twice before

I have been to the GC and bought a rose for my new trellis.

I bought my worms at a fishing tackle shop, oddly as I approached the counter he guessed

Geoff you need to sort this illness out, at your age it could be curtains..


Flo a tip for coping with the hood - wear a baseball cap underneath. It may not look elegant but it works - have used this on many wet camps!

Don't you just love the smell of wet dog!!

Jean Genie

Yahhh ! Sun is out and sky is blue - wondering how long for though.

Geoff, have you tried the lemon juice ? I agree with everyone else you need to go to docs.

My olympic 50p collection is now complete so happy bunny here .

Lovely moth - got a coat like that somewhere from my youth.

Here is my ''Moth of the Day''

 Hornet moth ( love the leg warmers ! )


Kate, when I went to a fishing tackle shop the chap never guessed that I wanted thin nylon line to sew sequins on to my belly dancing kit! Silly thread thing wonderful, I'm glad you did it here :- )

Lottie, I am so not a baseball cap person but it sounds like an excellent tip, thank you. Wet dog, I can take or leave :- )

:- D :- D  Jean. Leg warmers!   (I confess that I indulged in that awful fashion faux pas)



Jean I need to see a photo of the coins

Flo did you tell the chap in the fishing shop?



Kate-what rose did you buy?

If it is curtains- I will pull myself together


Zephirine Drouhin- I read the recommendations.

But will you end up in the back of the nets?



That rose sounds like a medical condition-what ever happened to proper rose names?

I see the missing schoolgirl and the teacher have been found in Bordeaux

What is a gardeners favourite novel?


Oh no the worms have turned up today! I wonder if they will be alright until next Thursday?

Flo - neither am I but I make an exception when its p**ing down! When will you be posting a picture of yourself in the belly dancing kit??

I had leg warmers too!!

Coffee crisis is now averted, and I have also shopped for my contribution to the 100th birthday party food. The party is on Sunday. 



The Secret Garden?

Lottie I have not received an invite and address, will it be fancy dress?

Geoff I am afraid that I am with Ann Diamond, people are starving and women are still being stoned for expressing an opinion.


War and Peas

Why did the two potatoes get divorced?

Anne Diamond??-I know who she is but have I missed something?

I shall turn up at the party as a grumpy old man-dont need to dress up

Gary Hobson

Maybe the worms ought to be kept in some nice medium, like compost with lots of humus in it. Or crumpled up wet newspapers.

In school biology classes, we used to get lots of worms, very easily, by watering lawn with potassium permanganate. It brings all the worms to the surface and you can just pick them off. Though those are proper garden worms which might be different to worms you use for a wormery.

Just been reading next week's Radio Times. It has a full-page article about the Ryder Cub. Ryder Cub is being covered by Sky in HD, and is on BBC Radio 5. The article says that serious golf fans actually prefer radio coverage, so that they can 'use their imagination'. I can never understand people who prefer to listen to a football match, rather than see it. Perhaps serious fans do prefer the wireless.

There's also a double-page feature where readers can vote for their favourite TV programs. For the National TV Awards. Lots of antiques and cookery programs, all nominated. Can't see any mention of anything to do with gardening. "Food Inspector", "Super Tiny Animals", "Coach Trip" and "Pointless" are all more popular than gardening, apparently.


Invites should be in your cyber lockers. Fancy dress optional but clothing of some sort essential. Belly dancing outfits, white joggers and speedos all acceptable.

I think I'm with Ann Diamond as well. There are more important issues than one silly schoolgirl and one stupid ex-teacher - as nobodys going to employ him as a teacher again.

Geoff - they couldn't see eye to eye?


Geoff   how did you miss the AD comments I don't know?

Gary  I have listened to footy commentary on the radio and it is not as good as watching a single game but it is exciting if there are several games where the results impact on each other. So that would apply to golf too.


Lottie-star awarded-will you be in the Ryder Cub?

Gary I think you need to embrace more cultures and tastes

What was AD on??

Why did the gardener quit?





I do not know why the gardener quit.

Gary  I love Pointless and I can often get a pointless answer  it is one of the few quizzes I would be willing to apply for.

Lottie I am not sure how your grandad would react if us ladies turned up in speedos


Because his celery wasn't big enough

Did anybody watch Homefront (Soldier,Soldier) last night?

Lottiebeans wrote (see)

Oh no the worms have turned up today! I wonder if they will be alright until next Thursday?

Flo - neither am I but I make an exception when its p**ing down! When will you be posting a picture of yourself in the belly dancing kit??


I have found a baseball cap I was once given so will test it out when the next rainy outing is proposed. Not just now, the dogs aren't properly dry yet.

Yes, I did say what I wanted the line for, I can't resist making pepole smile :- )  You missed the belly dancing pic - though I was just one of many in a group shot!!

May be worth looking at the Wiggly Wigglers site to see what their advice re early worms is. Could be 'The early worm catches the bird' I suppose ;- )


Geoff  I have recorded it, was it any good?

Flo did he ask for a demonstration?

Pennine Petal
Afternoon all, OH has just told me that we have no broadband until next Friday, so will be out of action over the weekend. Will try to catch up on Monday.

Well done Kate et al, how many views in total then?