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The thing is she will go to where the food is but is she is out all day and then if someone else starts feeding then the same thing could happen there.

Trying not to sound alarmist but it must be a worry?

I do not have an answer if you want to keep her-on the other hand she may come round?

hollie hock

hi geoff- I do know what you mean. She's not that keen on strangers so my instincts tell me that she will be unlikely to  be adopted as a pet by a household.  Not at all keen to come back in here!

My vets were brilliant, the advice was that although you can take away the hormones you might not take away the behaviour and unfortunatley he was right.  I did discuss having her put down but his advice was let her out and give her a chance. Time will tell I guess. Thanks

Jean Genie

Just noticed we have a ''deer'' sign put up on the lane. It must be the muntjacs, there's been a lot of sightings around here lately. I've never seen any though.

Hope all goes well at docs Maud and glad you had a nice day out today,  and poor Jo - hopefully you'll have the boiler working again on Wednesday. We have a cupboard like that under the stairs where the hoover lives - we call it the glory hole !

Hollie, do you think your cat could have some feral in her ? They have elf-like facial features. If this is the case she may prefer to live in the shed but she may come round in time. Try to avoid eye contact with her as cats perceive this as a threat.

hollie hock

Hi jean- think you may have something there- not really sure what you mean by elf-like features but she is a tiny thing, very sleek but very strong. Just spotted her coming out of the shed. We've always described as as a moggy or alley cat I will post a picture of her so you can have a look at her face


We are having trouble in the cat department. Not with our cat but with one that keeps coming into our kitchen and eating our cats food. Poor old Molly, who is about 15 we think, is too frightened to go out, so we have too keep the cat flap locked and she has to have a litter tray in the conservatory at night. It's a right bind.  But I think Molly must have seen it off a few time as I have found balls of white fur on the floor and Molly is a tortoiseshell There is only me that has actually seen this cat, I saw its tail as it diappeared through the catflap when I disturbed it. Gave me quite a fright.



Good Morning Everyone

Crikey - I have so much reading to catch up on

Pam LL x



Gary Hobson
jo4eyes wrote (see)

Maud- have you been wearing a BP monitor? That should help rule out any 'white coat syndrome'. ...

High blood pressure can normally be reduced by some alterations in diet. Simply reducing salt intake can often make an immediate impact.

jean riley wrote (see)

Just noticed we have a ''deer'' sign put up on the lane. It must be the muntjacs. I've never seen any though.

The first sign of deer around is that large chunks of plants start going missing.

I don't know what deer actually make of those signs. They are 'pictures' so deer may be able to recognise themselves on the sign. But what do they think it means? Dining area ahead?

I suppose the signs are meant to make motorists drive slower. I doubt if they make any difference.

Jean Genie

Gary . Just realised what I have written ! I now have a vision of a deer standing on its' hind legs with a hammer.  I don't think you would be able to drive fast along the lane as its very narrow with a lot of bends but I've no doubt that some idiots will try. As soon as we get ice or snow they close it.

Good morning all,

Hollie, Feral cats usually have a pointy face and big ears - a bit like an oriental breed . A friend of mine has a cat that was similar to yours and her cat spends most of it's time living in the shed but comes in the house for food . She hasn't been attacked but is now able to pet it on the odd occasion.

Pam, lovely photo as always. Our neighbours cotoneaster is laden with berries but haven't seen many birds on it. I expect they will when the weather turns a bit colder.


Hello all. No weather here yet. Hoping for some sun as my lone sunflower has opened its petals and I would like to see its efforts rewarded  :- )

Pennine Petal
Morning all, just taking 5 mins before I go to teach. No broadband at home yet, I have had to resort to Solitaire as I can't get on to chat!

Haven't had chance to catch up as you cover so much in a day!, let alone a weekend.

I did see one post about the cat Hollie, but not sure of the full story. Cats are very good at persuading someone to look after them - that's how I got Rocky. They also tend to come home when they are ready.

Pennine Petal
Went to find my class at 9.15, it's not till 10.15, I think I am getting too old and forgetful for this job!

dear Hollie hock, give your cat time to settle, who knows what has happened to her in the past. I took on a cat that appeared in the garden he spent the first month under the kitchen cupboard, had food dirt tray extra all under the cupboard. He never became a lap cat but was very loving in his own way. Im a great believer in letting them find their way. At present i have a British blue Grendle who is as thick as 2 short planks but so beautiful he gets away with it, aginger tom  Lennie who is so paranoid he can hardly look at you and a tortoiseshell Elvera who is the biggest tart going. Having to do blood pressure am and pm go back on friday. It seems ok at home. Have had a lot of stress this year and thats what im putting it down too.


Morning horse lovers everywhere

Glyn did you mark them all absent before you realised and then crept slowly down the corridor so no-one would notice?

Washing on line but we have already had a pain shower

Dentist again this afternnon-bus ride again


Is it a mobile dentist then?

Glyn, not quite the same thing but equally forgetful - I once took my class into assembly and stood around waiting to see who was taking it that day, as the other teachers all left I realised it was my turn and I'd completely forgotten - eeek! I winged it of course: as I have previously said, that is one of my strengths ;- )



Sun is back as are builders and their radio.

I thought the council put signs of deer up so that you could not sue them when they damage your car.

Lovely photo Pam.


Here is today's "sloth of the day"


Jean Genie

Is that tonight's tea Geoff ?


Great Picture Geoff, reminds me of someone I know

Now must get some work done.