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My husband hads diabetis and treats it through his diet. Its a bit like wearing a hair shirt at times. When hes been out with the lads and a had a sherbert or 5 hes comes home and raids the fridge and cupboard and blames wveryone for eating it all.


We have heating!!

Back later, J.


Jean I like it-tried to get a Mary jacket but all sold out-I shall make me own from a pair of curtains-if only I knew someone with a sewing machine

Have gone off the goose idea-decided to go for swan instead


Geoff - the college issue is still not resolved but I sense a parting of the ways is about to occur. I will be disappointed that he couldn't stick out this last year but in other ways it will be a relief - one less thing to worry about!

'Orange' sauce is tomato and marscapone sauce - which was served with spinach and ricotta tortellini. Yummy. This was followed by a large slice of the huge chocolate cake I made, with chocolate fudge icing, and flake and chocolate buttons on top. I even put candles on it!


Jo good news

Maud, men eh Lottie boys eh

Geoff someone on my freecycle group is looking for a sawing machine so that they can make their own clothes



Lottie -you will never get rid of them if they get fed like that-pity about the college business.

Will a sawing machine cut the clothes to size?



Phew, am warm now! Heating back off, but at least wont get woken tomorrow by daughter at some early hour asking how to turn on the electric water heater! Clever she may be, but common sense nooooooo.

Of course tom & mascapone suce IS orange! Sounds like a good meal Lottie.

Right, off to put things back under stairs for the time being & be Mrs Mop again. J.

Jean Genie

Maud - I am the fridge raider in our house.

Glad the heatings sorted out Jo.

Lottie, these kids are hard work - hope all is resolved soon . Sounds like a good menu

Geoff, the Queen will not be happy.


Cant see what Queen have got to do with it-aren't they a beat combo?

Jean Genie

She likes swans. ( And she counts them  )


Jean- love Martin Mere, or 'Ducky World' as it got called by someone here many yrs ago. Daughter only said 'tother day that we'd not been for yonks.

This is not doing what should be doing....... J.


Oh that Queen -surely she wouldn't miss one?

Pottie Pam

Don't they something called 'swan upping' every year? Sounds painful for the swans.



:- D :- D Geoff and Pam/

Jo - hurrah for heating!!  Lottie - boo to boys :- (

Afters all.  Re chocolate - most of the men I know claim they don't have a sweet tooth and aren't bothered about chocolate. However, if sweeties, pudding, cake or choccy are in the vicinity they mange to force them down ;- )

Dont think men ever really grow up and then i certainly havent so we make a good pair. We will ahve been married 25 years next March so boo to all those who said it wouldnt last. Having quiet day today as going for checkup on the nose later, i say quiet done 2 loads washing hoovered upstairs and cleaned the bathroom. My husband can make a bar of chocolater last for weeks, he just eats 1 piece at a time. When i eat it im lucky if it lasts minutes. Best not to buy it at all really.


Yes Hurray for heating! It was a blocked jet or something. We do actually have sun here at the mo, so lounge is nice & warm again, but once sun gone round it gets rather chilly in the back with facing East.

Stuff all back under stairs & I only banged my head once! Did do a quick look through of things & chucked a couple of oddments away, but actually rest we do/may need. Wish I had a proper utility room with cupboards........

Am having tuna mayo butties for lunch, then will continue with chores. Need to get re-organised as got a police meeting tonight. Need to go, not been for last 12mths with all the upheaval in my life. J,

Not good having a blocked jet. Gla deverything is flowing nicely. Not yet had our heating on but we do ahve a wood burner that has been lit a few times. Dont like the thought of winter coming


Have a rough idea of the cost of replacement boiler etc. Will be getting proper quote soon. Lot of £, but needs must &, after a quick call to someone else, sounds bang on!

Now if the back flat roof goes......suspect that's also on its way out as am sure I smelt a wee bit of damp plaster t'other week- a smell you dont forget IME. Cant spot any signs of trouble in the extension, but shall keep an eye, & nose, on it! Again have choice of 2 local roofing companies if/when nec! J.