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If you have a disintegrating batch of tatties it is preferable to microwave them with just a little water then they stay more intact, I find. Of course, you don't know this until you have tried to cook one lot!

The site has been a bit of a pain for me on and off for the last 24 hours. Sometimes my words of wisdom and witty rejoinders have not been posted - sorry everyone if you've been missing them ;- )

Oooh, Toad in the Hole, yum. Wild boar sausages, Geoff?


Thanks for that tip Flo, tatties are not cheap and I do not want to waste them.



I was beginning to think it was something we said Flo

No toad sausages-what else ?

Jean Genie

Followed by jam roly-poly ?

 Flo , does wild boar taste like pork ?


We are having sausages for tea tonight a la Tesco, nothing fancy here, just plain old pork bangers, might have a few oven chips and scrambled eggs. I sometimes steam my spuds that keeps them whole.

Pam, - Yes the Twist Baby tree does go yellow, in fact it is starting to change colour now. The branches are lovely in the winter, so you get interest all the year round.

Have been planting out wallflowers today, still more to go. We have grown them from seed this year as the ones you buy are usually pathetic, and we have got some lovely plants. I just love the scent, takes me back to my childhood when everyone seemed to grow them.

Daughter has return from  Portugal, and when she fetched her dog , Henry, back from the kennels he was not at all well. She has been to the vets with him today and he has got Dog Flu, and is on antibiotics.



I hope the microwaving works for you, Kate. In effect you are steaming them as you use only a little water and it's a bit quicker too. It was my sister who put me on to it - so we know who to blame if it goes wrong ;- )

Frog jam, Jean :- D.  The wild boar sausages tasted like a stronger version of pork sausages, I thought, and were a darker colour.

Chris, poor Henry-dog, hope he is soon better.


Yesterday was Thansgiving here in Canada---can't cook a turkey in my countertop oven, but I made a big pan of moussaka that I shared with my neighbours, with blackberry and apple pie for afters. They raved about it, so feel good about that.It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day. There is rain in the forecast for Friday--fingers crossed. May even treat myself to a bath today! I certainly have much to be thankful for. Drawing class begins again next week--looking forward to that.

Hope you haven't junked the spud mush Kate, you could use to make leek and potato soup.

Inka, didn't realise that Canada had a Thanksgiving celebration. Is it linked to a particular event in history? Sorry to be so ignorant!  The meal sounds wonderful :- )

Deanos Diggin It

Fig! I have lived on Leek n Potato soup today! Had Steak n Mediterranean oil soaked veggies in the ready for last evening! But it all went sideway's! Will keep for tomorrow I am sure! Dare not do roughage! 

And feeling under the weather! I have not ventured out to play today! So trawled on here! n found a thread about "Why people do not read threads before answering!"

Don't know what it was all about, but had me in tupp's! 

Right! Shall go bathe in rediness of returning to work! Have a goog evening all! 




Chris I also love the scent of wallflowers but every seed seemed to have germinated so I am struggling to find homes for them.

I have managed to rescue enough mush to make mash


Yay-for the mush-mash

Wallflowers -oh how we remember......................................

Jean Genie

I was always a wallflower at the school disco  - but I was a rotten dancer


Flo, harvest celebrations predate the coming of the white people--both the French and English settlers celebrated, along with the Native population. Here it is the second Monday of October, in the States they do it in November, then start the whole C---foofa ra.In the US it celebrates the natives rescuing the Mayflower settlers from starvation their first winter. Got to wonder if that was a good idea!

Caz W

Hi everyone - It has taken me so long to catch up on the latest posts that I've forgotten what I wanted to say to you all!  Anyway - hope all people and animals who were poorly are feeling better and thanks for sorting out the "dates" problems for us Geoff.  Going to see if I can answer more than 3 questions on University Challenge now



Thanks Inkadog. I remember learning about the Pilgrim Fathers and the first thanksgiving but had no idea about yours. I tend to agree with your final comment ;- )  And I love the expression foofa ra - I think I will have to adopt it!! 


Pennine Petal
Evening all, had a quick catch up.but lost track of who said what. lovely photos , yummy food from food fair, but I prefer my Turkish Delight with chocolate on. Ponies in the garden??? They'd have to be mountain ponies in mine, but no grass anyway. Happy Thanksgiving for yesterday. No problems with site here. I love wallflowers, beautiful scent. Met OH on a blind date! I didn't even understand all the questions on University Challenge.


Evening all.

This site is going slowly tonight......

Busy w/end with OH & then driving back today after food shopping first. Stopped at TC for a quick coffee & buttie for lunch. Then this afternoon went to get my flu jab done. Open clinic at GPs which was hectic, but somehow I walked in, filled out my form & was sent along straight away! Daughter not impressed that I dont now have a sore arm, like she had last week, but I didnt get one last time either.

Collected my prescriptions too, came back & did the final lawn cut- yay! Then I cooked macaroni cheese over pasta & now shall collapse........

BTW got my wallflower plants off the market on saturday. Kept the bundle moist & quickly popped them into the edge of the veg bed when I got back today. Eventually they'll get moved to their final positions, but felt it more important to get them back into soil for the time being.

If I can, little circle permitting, shall read through what you've all been doing whilst was away. Am also away tomorrow, part of wednesday & also thursday...... oh & friday could be busy too. Roll on next week she says- OH back at work & daughter away for 2-3days. Peace, bliss. J.

Pennine Petal

Just catching up with stricly it takes 2, bring back Claudia! I do miss her quirky sense of humour. How does Zoe Ball walk on those heels?

Haven't put my wallflowers in yet Jo. I bought trays of reasonably sized plants, I am always disappointed with the bare root plants, nor quite sure what I do wrong with them.

Off to York tomorrow, external examining. Hope I can get some time ti call into the shops too.




Good Morning Everyone

Have a good day

Pam LL x