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Pottie Pam

Still a bit of colour in the garden but everything is looking tired now. That cosmos is just starting to flower although the one next to it has been flowering for ages. Both in full sun (when we do get sun)

Pottie Pam

Love your apples, Pam and that colour hibiscus is stunning, Jean.

I've brought these begonias into the conservatory hoping I can keep them for next year. They were plug plants. Some have formed tiny corms but not all. I don't know whether to keep watering them or let them die down. I suppost the ones without corms would die without water. What does the panel think? I have given them a does of provado vine weevil killer.


Mine Pam are still outside on the fence and will stay there till the frost gets them-if you have them indoors I am not sure if it is necessary to let them die back-LL/ Pam will know

Becks are you going to get your purse out and make an offer?

Miss Becks

Hmm, not just yet Geoff. I'm holding out for a house with a pool.

Jess is munching on eggy bread. She seems to have improved, and will be going to nursery.


That is Mrs Geoff's dream as well -oh well dream on

There is now a football job going at Bolton-should I apply?




Finally caught up with everybody!

Havent yet got out, but tools, bulbs, wellies all ready & waiting. Think will have a peanut buttie before I start, otherwise will get starving & the faff of getting wellies etc off a bind. Trouble is by 3pm am starving again & there is cake........ok have already sneaked a mini carrot cake-1 of a batch that OH made this w/end.

Right, buttie it is then gardening!! J.

Gary Hobson
jo4eyes wrote (see)

Havent yet got out, but tools, bulbs, wellies all ready & waiting. Think will have a peanut buttie before I start,...

Thinking that it is neccesary to have a snack and/or cup of refreshment before starting any job is something that I suffer from too.

I also have a tendency to think that I ought to check my computer for E-mails, etc, too, before actually starting any work. Also check Google News, in case of any national emergency, that I need to be aware of.

I hope to get outside, and start work, very soon. Will just have a cuppa first, and then I'll be raring to go.


Gary, Jo - me too!!!

Also have a two supermarket plastic carriers by the back door so, if I have to come indoors for yet another quick cuppa, I don't remove my gardening footwear, just put bags on and keep the house clean ;- )   (I think the men in white coats are coming up the driveway....)


 Becks, pleased to hear Jess is feeling better, it's a worry when they aren't wel


What a good idea Flo! I've just been round the garden in between cleaning the bathroom, oh the joy of it, and deciding the next job. A few pic I took on my travels around the garden, as you can see I'm no David Bailey



The acer is just starting to turn red. Now I have decided that I will have a coffee too. OH is battling with the pond pump, it's pipe work had come adrift, not a happy bunny.



Well- very,very organised is all I can say

Changing the subject as you do-well as I do-have been looking on line at property in Spain houses with garden and swimming pool for around £85,000-this seems like an excellent time to buy

House is going up for sale


Chris, gorgeous pics. I love those acers, don't know if I'm responsible enough to own one, though!

Geoff, you'll be inundated with visitors who fancy a sunny break with swimming thrown in.

Gary Hobson

£80,000 for a house and pool sounds like a bargain. But is there a greenhouse. TBH, I don't know if people have/need greenhouses in Spain.

Anyone could sell a house in, say, Southampton, for, say £160,000, and then buy two houses in Spain. They could live in one, and rent the other as holiday accommodation, bringing in, say, £200 per week, to help with those little luxuries. Or simply treat the second £80,000 as pocket money.

And no problem overwintering tender plants there. Provided it's the right part of Spain. I think Winters can get very cold inland.


Chris lovely photos.

That tip about the plastic bags is great 

Geoff will you let us have tents in the garden?



I will bring my tent!

But Gary don't forget the 12% purchase tax applied to property in Spain - Geoff might only be able to buy two £65,000 houses! That would be terrible - they might not have pools! And I'm guessing a greenhouse won't be needed.


Allowed to use the laptop today, home alone.Have been into town and it poured with rain and guess what no waterproofs or brolly .Got a bit more christmas shopping done and even ordered the meat for xmas dinner. Off out tomorrow with the mother, going to butterfly farm near Chichester, not sure there will be many butterflies this time of year but there are lots of birds and animals and a cafe so i wont go hungry. Wouldnt it be nice to live in the sun im sure we wouldnt get so many aches and pains,my hands are really bad today.Hope everyone is ok


I'm glad not everyone thinks I'm a loony with my plastic bags ;- )

Mau-au -d, Christmas shopping!!! 

Oh yes i get it all done early and then when everyone is running around like ....... i can sit at home with my feet up. As i am doing this afternoon as i cant get outside to do any gardening


Excuse me-3 mentions of C******* in two recent messages-do rules stand for nothing anymore

Maud-2 strikes

Flo-1 strike

I am keeping a list !!!!!

Miss Becks

Go and stand in the corner, naughty girls!