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Was just about to ask why Geoff when I realised. (Penny dropped) Think it might stick! 


Sorry - pleased you got food. Would still contact area manager though. REALLY bad customer service


Nose too small for Pinocchio

Gary Hobson

Two snaps taken yesterday afternoon. The first is the flame lily (Gloriosa), which has just started to flower. I'd almost given up, and it won't last long...

Cheeky rascal...

A nice day ahead, and for the next few days. Possible frost forecast for tonight. Forecast is saying 3 degrees here, but you can't be certain, that prediction could be out by a couple of degrees, either way.

And two hours of Strictly to look forward to tonight.


Good morning All.

Love the gloriosa Gary. I had one a few years ago but lost it during the very cold winter 2 years ago, bought another corm/tuber? but it never grew, didn't rot, just stayed dormant for 18 months,so I gave up in the end, will try again next year. They aren't easily available though. Lovely picture of the squirrel, nice looking creatures, just a pity they do so much damage.

We are in for a cool day here, and it says we might get a frost tonight.

I'm looking forward to tonights TV, as you say 2 hours of SCD and then Merlin, things are looking up for Saturday night TV.

Lottie   I store my pelargoniums in much the same way as other forkers, just  cut them down to a reasonable size, leave them in their pots, keep dry and frost free. We put ours in the greenhouse and if there is any frost forecast cover them with fleece. The main thing is to keep them dry, you might lose the odd one, but on the whole we keep ours. You can then take cuttings from the stock plant or put them outside again..

Have a good day folks.




Morning Forkers,
Site responding slowly this morning, thought I was going to get trapped on page 408!

Must check forecast temps so I can get my citrus tree - which unexpectedly rose from the dead - into the GH. It's tricky to manoeuvre so I need OH to help.

Must get some knitting on the go, I shall be sitting down a lot with all that telly to watch.

In case I can't get back, have a lovely day one and all.

Morning all, was glad of a lie in today!
The car is still iced up so will really have to sort out my lemon tree as well.

Flo-is your greenhouse heated? I usually bring lemon tree into the conservatory which is warmer than the GH which isn't, but after GW and your comment am not sure what to do for the best.

Sun is shining and it looks like it's going to be a lovely day!

Looks like it could be a pleasant day today.  I have double checked weather no sign of frost here 

Gary that is an intriguing plant.

Pottie Pam

Good morning F.Fs,

Pleased that everyone has food at last, is over their lurgies and Inka has rain.

Love your glory lily ,Gary.

I watched 'Have I got news for you' last night. They were talking about the skydiver, Felix Baumgartner.  Someone said,' and if you are watching a repeat of this on Dave, the late Felix Baumgartner. It's supposed to go ahead tomorrow.


Gary Hobson
pottiepam wrote (see)

... Felix Baumgartner... supposed to go ahead tomorrow.

There may be live coverage, right here.

I'm leaving cannas out, for another week or so, until they've been hit by real frosts.


Glorious day. Hills had a froth of dark clouds (like unkempt grey hair) just on top of them and clear sky above. Really wierd. Lay in bed thinking must take a picture but was too comfy to get up and search for camera.

Hope to do some more weeding and planting but have people coming tomorrow and need to bake a cake ( and tidy)

Gary Hobson

Dont actually know that answer, but it's almost certainly something to do with your computer. You could try shutting down your browser, and then opening it again.


Morning gang-nice pics

Have been up the ladder again-the fix is nearly completed for those that are interested

XF -second week of live shows-am I on my own with this?

David -Gary will know I expect

EDIT-he didn't

Gary Hobson

You mean that the problem started at a particular moment. Possibly connected with something you did, or ran, or some website that you looked at, which has screwed up some setting.

Shutting down the computer and restarting is always an option.

It could be something to do with the particular browser - IE or Firefox or Chrome or whatever. Firefox extensions can sometimes cause problems.

Called cursor - because people curse 'er when it goes missing.

Gary Hobson

Which browser is it? There was a new version of Firefox within the past couple of days.


Gary Hobson

You say you've restored back to 10/10, that's a couple of days ago.

You also say that that is about the time that the problem started. Maybe the update of 10/10 is the cause of the problem.

It could be an Internet Explorer add-on. You can Start Internet Explorer without add-ons by right-clicking the IE icon on the desktop. Choose Start without add-ons.