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XF I hang my head in shame how did that happen

I am still impressed that the sky diver did a 'walking' landing.

Jean did the mouse stay out?

Penninepetal wrote (see)
Flo, no lead or label, just wandered off! 

Shame! Oddly enough, my neighbour found a wandering dog this evening - no label - she thought it might be one of mine. Eventually turned out it had wandered off from number 4.

Kate - answer to your knitting query. It's a shrug (sort of small cardi in case any  blokes are confused) Found some purple 3 ply wool in a charity shop. Another good knitting evening, didn't undo any tonight.

And gardening achievement - I dug a new small bed in the veg area. Needs edging now.

Miss Becks

I know kate. That was cool. Imagine being a family member watching him up there. How would you breach the subject with your parents?

'Oh, by the way mom, I won't be home for lunch. I'm jumping out a balloon from the edge of space. Wanna come and watch??'


Becks I agree it does make every thing else look a little tame.

Flo you can never have too many shrugs, I am currently considering a poncho for winter



Good morning Everyone Thankyou for telling me which irons you use - I have

 bought a Tefal Ultraglide - will give it a try later !

We had a busy weekend gardening and babysitting

Downton was sooo sad

I enjoyed SCD but am getting a bit bored with XF

Flo - over the past couple of years I have knitted my Grandchildren a Knitivity - Mary, Joseph,Crib, Shepherds,3 Kings,Angel Gabriel and Donkey  My DIL has asked for a Camel - or 3 - this year


Have a good day

Pam LL x



The French do a lot of shrugging


It is dark still and off to golf at 8-but at least it is dry

Good news on the apple front-thanks Kate(thinking outside the bag/box)-put an ad on freecycle late yesterday evening-already have 3 replies and there is plenty for all-problem solved

Gary Hobson
lilylouise wrote (see)

I like the donkey. It would make a nice teddy-bear substitute for a kiddy.

You could insert a squeaker into its stomach, which, when pressed, goes 'eeee-aaaw'.

Apples are not cheap to buy. Presumably they will be going to worthy causes, and not simply to people who want to resell them.

Jean Genie

Morning everyone .

Pam. is there no end to your talents ? They are lovely. 

Glad you have solved your apple problem. Geoff - nothing worse than seeing food go to waste.

On the mouse front Kate. No. we didn't see it again but going to have a good look around the conservatory today to see if I can find out how it got in. I expect I'll be wasting my time though. Hubbie said it just appeared on the windowledge . The cat spotted it and the mouse ''did a Felix'' and launched itself into a plantpot and then ran into living room. Glad we saved it though.

We have rain here so I suppose it'll have to be housework for me today. Really could with raking up leaves but it's to wet.

How sad was Downton last night.


We have sunshine

Pam they are fabulous, do you follow a pattern or did you make the design yourself?

Geoff I am pleased that the apples have gone


Pam, the knitivity is gorgeous. Is it Jean Greenhowe? I think that's her name. And is there a camel pattern or are you having to look for one? I love the donkey especially.

Kate, poncho is great idea for snuggling under.

Downton :- (  :- (    Will they have a category on Mock the Week - things not to say in soaps (posh or pleb) "I told you so"

Pottie Pam

I love your knitivity,Pam.

I spent two and a half hours watching Felix last night right up until he jumped out. Just at that moment my grandson, who lives next door came round and said his mam said not to worry but an ambulance was on it's way as my son had accidently eaten something with sesame oil and had to use his EpiPen. He was bright red and blown up like Felix's balloon.  He's had reactions to sesame seeds before but never had to use the EpiPen. They didn't release him from hospital until 2.30 this morning so Granny was babysitting until then. Nasty scare at the time.

So I didn't know whether Felix had landed safely until later.

Watched Downton too. Really sad.

Pennine Petal

Morning all, working at home today as OH in for yet another test today, CT scan this time. Damp here, so don't think I'll risk the garden, it gets a bit slippery on the slope. Too much today anyway, but always time to pop in to say hello.

Pam, lovely knitting, I knitted a teddy bear in school when I was 7 and a Starsky & Hutch cardigan for my ex OH a long time ago. That was the end of my knitting career. Did you see the Olympic knitting that someone put on the railing of Brighton pier before the Olympics, brilliant, I will see if I can can try to find a photo.

Pam, good news on apple front.

Who is out of SCD, can't stand to watch the results show, all those long pauses. Hope it was Jerry Hall, she drives me mad!




pottiepam that must have been so scary hope all is well now.

Glyn it was Johnny Ball, I also only watch the last 5 mins, in the past there have been spoilers late on Saturday night if you cannot wait.


Hi everyone

I have a pieces of apple cake for all of you. i haven't forgotten but having trouble getting them into the hyper locker!

Will try and get them to you in time for afternoon tea

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

We've been out and kitted Jess out with a halloween costume. She's not going anywhere in it, but she was jealous last year when the trick ot treaters came round, that they were all dressed up!

Good news about your apples Geoff. Wish I lived nearer. They most certainly wouldn't have gone to waste in this house.

Pam, I love the Knitivity! Ours is looking a bit sad looking. I think this year it might have to be replaced.

Jean, glad the mousey wasn't harmed.

PPam, that must have been a nasty scare. Hope he's ok now.

bjay, I will keep checking my locker!