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Miss Becks

Erm, no Geoff. You could pay for our tickets in apples!!!


Yes, it is £16 pounds to get in now, I assume that's what you eant by 1/6d?

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha Bookertoo. yes, that would be about right!


Really?-for that I would expect a marching band,a free ice cream and kiora brought to my seat by a dusky maiden


I have watched a few films recently - not at the cinema though! Bridesmaids was very funny and entertaining, Eagle Eye was very good (thriller type) and Prometheus was pants!

Managed a quick trip to the plot in between the showers - and the frost has got the courgette, squash and pumpkin plants - I thought it would. Glad I harvested when I did!

Geoff, I'm looking forward to those apples!



Started paining. Dug up the oak forest that tries to grow every year. The old oak tree does insist its offspring germinate in my white border. Transplanted a cyclamen growing in lawn and wondered why cat (mine) was sitting on bird bath/fountain with her tail in the water!! 

Now sun is out


Not seen many films lately.

But Only Connect tonight

Gary Hobson

There are films about the paranormal which are just fiction.

And there are films about reality, which have an element of the paranormal about them. For example, this advert which is currently running on TV:

Jean Genie

Speaking of scary films , there's one just about to start on sci- fi - The Rite with with Anthony Hopkins. I have tea , cake and a cushion to hide behind. Seen this before but going to watch it again.

Becks - Paranormal Activity - My favourite films .  I'm with you on that one.


I have been to the shops and stocked up on goodies for my travels.

The last time I went to the cinema there was so much texting, chatting and general poor behaviour that it spoilt it for me.

Lottie is this new Asda going to be unpopular?

Gary Hobson
bjay wrote (see)

...Dug up the oak forest that tries to grow every year...Only Connect tonight

Most people don't realise how profligate these trees are. They come up everywhere. I'll be watching Only Connect too.


I found the chap playing the piano was the most annoying thing the last time I went to the cinema

Pottie Pam

A big precentage of oak trees are planted by jays. I've watched them in the last week or so burying acorns. Apparently they have better memories than squirrels but still forget  a few.

Love Only Connect but quite  pleased if I can answer more than two. 

sotongeoff wrote (see)

I found the chap playing the piano was the most annoying thing the last time I went to the cinema

:- D :- D  We had a chap who rose up through the floor with his enormous organ.

Bjay, I'm counting WW points too. Gold member but have slipped a bit lately so tracking for now!

Not much telly this week for me - I've got something on every night :- (



Kate, the new Asda won't be unpopular with me! Not sure about the houses nearby though. This area is half housing and half industrial so its a bit odd really. Got a while to wait yet as its only at the planning stage.

I get masses of little oak trees growing on my plot due to the large oak on the next plot. They are a nightmare - tough little things!



Gary Hobson
FloBear wrote (see)
:.. with his enormous organ...

Miss Becks

Oh jean, wish I'd seen your post earlier. Been out to fetch madam.I would have recorded that.



There will be the usual complaints about any supermarket development but usually common sense prevails and it will get built-people do not like change.




Miss Becks

I sense trouble on the 'New Home - Blank Plot' thread. It may end in tears.