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Gary Hobson

Package has arrived. I asked the guy if he would have been able to leave it. It may depend on the particular carrier. Royal Mail can usually leave Amazon parcels. But this carrier does not allow valuable packages to be left. At least, that's what he said.

He showed me the Amazon label. I'd never noticed this before, but every Amazon package actually has your phone number on it. It's in tiny print, the penultimate element in the long barcode on the packet. If you are not in, he's supposed to phone that number.

He'd got a van full of stuff, all still to be delivered (hopefully before 7pm).


Yay -for Amazon-I like getting parcels from them-the packaging is amazing-hasn't life moved on with parcel tracking and deliveries within a few days or ordering

Chris that sounds as if you have had a busy day-I hate this time of year when things start shutting down

We can sleep easy in our beds tonight-the name change saga has come to an end-now all we need to worry about is who will win the sweep-stake

Pie,mash and baked beans-sort of cowboy dinner


Yes Gary I suppose it depends on the value of the item you have bought, makes sense. I didn't realise that they had your phone number, I wouldn't want them to leave something of any value.

We  ordered some sausage to be delivered. I used to have a bulk order  for friends and neighbours, but changed the delivery address as I had an urgent appointment, the butcher was informed, but the lady who did the delivery didn't read the delivery note and left the sausage in the greenhouse,  she was supposed to leave it with a friends down the road, and collect the money from her, luckily I was back before it had gone off.


Deanos Diggin It

Gary! - Out of curiosity, who was the carrier? 

And I'm sorry! But this dark haired women in a black Bra, (With Flexi support I might add)  in the advertisment top right hand corner, is really off putting n uncalled for!


Dean, I can't see her, she must be there especially for you!



Neither can I - I've just got an Irish tourism site.

Deanos Diggin It

Fig! - I get the Ireland one, n then a mobile phone one, n then the Mistress appears!


Well I've just refreshed the page about a dozen times, got ibis hotels, klm airways, something else that I can't remember then ms bazoomer popped up. I'm just off to the playtex website...


Well thanks Dean-in the interests of research I had to switch browsers to see some woman in their underwear- and it was a bit tame

Deanos Diggin It


Clearly not a chosen one then!

And glad you mentioned the refreshing thingymebob thing!

Do you have to do that all the time to see if new posts have been added?

New to this Forum malarkey! n this is the first I have joined!

Deanos Diggin It

Just so off putting Geoff! 

Sure my last post will be YOUR Forte!


Only £30 to rewind time...think I'll spend it on spring flowering bulbs instead, might get more of a result!


That's what the lady in her undies says it will do.


Gary Hobson

Carrier was Home Delivery Network.

Like Geoff, I use Firefox, and so do not normally see advertsing. I did not know I was missing out on something exciting.

As instructed above, switched browers, but got P&O, Aviva, M&S, Action Hunger, More M&S, Holland America Line, P&O, AutoTrader, GiffGaff, Michelin Tyres, Audiobook, Visit Ireland... I've given up.

Perhaps it has access to profile information, and thinks I am not interested in purchasing ladies underwear.


I've got Sheila's Wheels now. Haven't seen them for a while.


I've got Michelin tyres. Isn't t'internet clever at targeting advertising? What does that tell us about Dean ;- )

Deanos Diggin It


 Get with the programme! 

And while you was away in summer, the girls had a bit of a fad with Ironing Man!

Shall repost this for your interest only!




Those heels would be good for spiking the lawn.