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I cheated

Lottie that looks smashing-you must be pleased with that


Lottie, impressive!

Caroline, I know it's a while back but your baking contains three of my favourite ingredients. I can only remember apple and walnut now I've read everything else.

Becks, yes that looks like the standard of my former classes ;- )

Two from my time in teaching: Cowboys tied their hores up outside the pub.
And, from a parent: paul was of becos e ad the tome bud.


Do you have allotment?  That looks amazing


Great excitement - got tickets to see new James Bond - son has deigned to come as well. £5 a ticket for over 60's


I am pleased with the harvest although I'm not sure why one of the pumpkins is green! Will be interesting to see what it tastes like - am sure it will make nice soup and pie. Also I've yet to weigh the pumpkins so will have to let you know. There will of course be a prize for whoever guesses the correct weight of the biggest orange one!


It's ok, I love Christmas really 

Lottie that's a very impressive crop you have there, must be worth all the hard work.

I've just taken the old banger in for her MOT, wish her luck please people.


Miss Becks

Oh Leggi, best of luck. Mine's due December. It just scraped through last year. They warned me not to get my hopes up this year, and cheaper to buy a new car than have work done. But, they said that the year before as well, so we'll see.



Jean went in for an MOT earlier -I am not sure if she fits the description

I can hear water pouring out of the house next door but can't see where it is coming from or where it is going-have phoned agents-will I get a thank-you?

Can we please get back to the C******** embargo for a few more days?


Yes please.

My old car passed its MOT with the speedometer not working only the bit that records mileage needs to work. Did have a few hairy moments guessing what speed we were going. Had a new car in end - too much to fix


Same with this one Becks, it just scraped through last year but I'm hoping it will struggle on a little longer. If it needs any work done I think I'll be in the position of looking for a 'new' one. 

And there's nothing I hate more than having to look for new cars when I have no interest or knowledge of them. 

Fingers very much crossed here.

Geoff a couple of years ago I noticed water pouring over the windowsills of a 3 story terraced house just down the road. Ended up calling the Fire Bigade (sounds a bit counterintuitive doesn't it?!) as the owners had gone away. I found the street stopcock and turned that off, meant the neighbouring houses didn't have water, but occupiers preferred temporary inconvenience to the risk of collateral damage by flooding. Anyway the lads turned up, and broke in through the back door.
Turned out some dodgy plumbing to the mains riser in the attic had burst. Took a year to get the house habitable again.

Hello,all-just working on my second cup of coffee and catching up on your posts. Good looking cake----might just be inspired to bake something, as the weather doesn't look too promising. My neighbour dug out some Campsis radicans roots and gave them to me---they are now planted and I am hoping at least one will survive, as the roots were bare. So sorry to hear about the plot vandalism--must be very frustrating.

Were those lovely flowers nerines? I have some, but they are bubblegum pink. They have been in the ground for years.I do like that colour.

Not thinking about C----Halloween is my favorite holiday!


It's chucking it down out there!! Had got the washing in, as had felt the odd spot, but didnt expect this.

Feels daft having bubble wrapped the pots, but soo time consuming to do, didnt want to get caught out with a sharp frost. Noticed a couple of the glazed pots are slightly cracked anyway, so will be on the look out for new when the GCs start to sell them off.

THe HNiger clear of VW, good & actually has a couple of tiny shoots regrowing. It obviously wont flower this time, but at least havent lost the plant.

Lottie- well done!

Need to get out of wet & dirty clothes now, reheat my macaroni over cauli for meal & wait for text when daughter has landed. Then to get lost around M/C airport.... J.

Miss Becks

Well, madam has decided she wants to eat early tonight. Dinner is Gammon Steaks, New Potatoes, Cauli, Brocolli, Carrots and cheese sauce.

You sure it's not overflowing from your leak Geoff?


Figrat-similar thing happened to a house up the road when the old lady was in hospital earlier in the year-tank in the roof burst and neighbour noticed water pouring down the outside walls

Has taken months of drying out and redecorating to put it up for sale-she never came back and is now in a home

I can hear it-but can't see anything-it seems to be running down a pipe so might just be an open tap?

Is the house occupied?



Pork slices in sage and onion stuffing,baked beans,-non-pleb sauteed potatoes

Buying cars is not for the faint-hearted



Figrat-it is occupied but he is away-there is someone who comes 2/3 times a week to feed cat-so that must be the agent's contact 

The person -not the cat


The car failed, but luckily not on anything serious and should be about £40 to fix, there's life in her old wheels yet! 

Maybe the cat got bored and made a waterslide Geoff?


Update-it has stopped running-someone unseen must have nipped in-I will obviously be rewarded in heaven


Sausages; as a treat, chips, and stir fried cabbage with garlic.