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Miss Becks

LOL Good point!  but the green one was 18lb she said, and it's bigger than that one. Guess again, quick!

Deanos Diggin It

Opp's! Just realised my mistake! 14!!!!! That should have read! Lol! 


Dean -14 still doesn't make it bigger than the green one

Caz W

Evening everyone - sorry I'm late but it's taken ages to read everything and cope with OH's man flu.  Just been reading that Andrew Mitchell has resigned over the Plebgate Scandal.

My guess - 22 lb 6 ozs (haven't gone metric sorry).  Loved Jess's yacky lettuce for mommies .


Deanos Diggin It

Geoff! Go with me on this! My experience in the veggie market says the lighter the colour the lighter the veg! But I too may be miles off! Lol! 

Miss Becks

Oh, that is so not fair!! A professional against us non growers! Don't help him anymore Geoff!

Yes Caroline (Can I call you Caz?), she is not good with salad stuff, yet loves her veggies. She tried cucumber for the first time yesterday. The way she acted, you's think I'd smothered it in mustard!!

Caz W

Well it's great she loves her veggies anyway and at least she'll have a try of everything.  Caz is fine - quicker to type too!  


Just been reading about a woman who has a phobia about going to the loo and it included a list of phobias ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Opinions – allodoxaphobia

Men – arrhenphobia

Toads – bufonophobia

Hair – chaetophobia

Cemeteries – coimetrophobia

Fog – homichlophobia

Vegetables – lachanophobia

Meteors – meteorophobia

Slime – myxophobia

Trembling – tremophobia

Snow– chionophobia

Parents-in-law – soceraphobia

Tyrants – tyrannophobia

Bulls – taurophobia

Mole rats – zemmiphobia

Clowns – coulrophobia





Are all TV cooks brilliant herb growers? Discuss.... (Nigel Slater)

Caz W

Don't think there are many people with allodoxaphobia on this thread

Deanos Diggin It

Ha! Ha! Beck's! Geoff n any body else who wants to take note! a solid green unripened green tomatoe weigh's far more than a fully red ripe one! God! I sound like Gary!!! 

Miss Becks

Dean. No you don't. You haven't added a link!

And noted!


But the green one still weighs18 lb and the yellow one is heavier

So is the Jolly Green Giant lighter or heavier than the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk?


Miss Becks

Geoff 'I don't think he knows what he's talking about. He's put tomatoes. We're on about pumpkins'

Deanos Diggin It

He! He! Cheers Beck's! Was a lot of green's in that last post! 


I think Dean has been at the mead

Pennine Petal

Dean, M65 very useful for getting to Chorley and Preston, and forBoundary Mill at Colne. Not too busy either.

Geoff, don't know sorry, just caught the end of it on travel news on the way home.