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Frost has gone- daylight-animals catered for-back to bed

Gary Hobson

No frost last night here either, lupins are looking happier. And milder weather forecast for the next few days.

SCD - thought there was a noticable division occuring between the mediocres, and those who are going to excel. DVO gave a very professional performance, which was far better than anyone before her; but she was followed by several others, all getting 8s and 9s. People who had been working on their technique.

Best Halloween outfit - Ola's Ghostbusters Hotpants, and gyrating bottom. Pity they came bottom. Didn't notice Sid. Louis acted the Zombie perfectly; but I couldn't help feel that he fell into the emotionless part just a bit too naturally.

Mushroom of the Day...



These are quite large, like small dinner plates. Probably ones known as Lactarius, of which there are many species. Called Lactarius because they exude milk. Book says that many of the white ones grow specifically with birch trees, which these are. And there are other species of Lactarius which grow specifically as companions with oaks, or beech, or poplar, or hazel, or hornbeam, or pines.

Jean Genie

I must be the only one who didn't have a lie in  Just couldn't go back to sleep. Not cold at all here today as we have rain. Hope it goes off later as we are going over to Yorkshire visiting rellies. I shall be looking out for Glyn on her broomstick  

Sorry, meant to say good morning to all

Watched Warhorse night . Need  new box of tissues.


Good Morning Everyone - whoever you are  I don't get on here for a day and everyone is different - am I on the right forum ?

Haven't got time to read the million messages at the moment - will try later !

I had a lovely day with our Grandchildren yesterday - we had an indoor picnic at lunchtime - sitting on a blanket in the sittingroom

We made puppets and hats

Sharp frost on the extension roof - will visit my greenhouse this morning to do any watering needed

I hope everyone is well  - have a lovely day

Pam LL x


Morning again.

I may hve missed the frost, it doesn't seem cold enough here now.

Geoff, the play was Sailor Beware done by the local drama group wot I used to be in. Very strong cast, performed well.

Nice mushroom Gary, I found some similar ones in my garden and laid a 15 cm ruler on top of one to give the scale. Can't find the piccie at the mo. I think I need to get to grips with organising my photos. Is there a program with a fungus recognition facility? ;- )



Good morning fellow halloweenies

Had a very late night last night I think, never sure what time it is when we alter the clocks. Could have been 2-30 or 1-30 am

I was going to alter my name but didn't want to confuse you anymore. I came across this cartoon, and thought it might be suitable



 She is a bit young though.

Not much planned today, just got to catch up with SCD and do a few jobs, then relax, it is a day of rest after all Now to get brekkie, Bacon, egg etc, Sunday treat.

Catch you all later.

Batty-woman.aka ChrisX

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Nothing to report yet. Just checking in so I don't get a late mark in the registration book.


Deanos Diggin It

Good Morning each n everybody

Damp n miserable here today

Got Allotment Association AGM at twelve, shall make an appearence, so best get my skates on!

Enjoy your day's, whatever you choose to do!


Have been up for 5 hours now-and in that time achieved very little-have run the vacuum over upstairs-taken the sheets of the bed and have requested the 13 tog duvet as not warm enough at night and had a shower

Had porridge in bed -must be doing something right

Sailor Beware-brings back memories of Brian Rix farces when I was little

Chris -I like Battywoman


Morning again all other adults


Morning all. Is everyone late today getting their present mark?

Vacuumed; made beadcrumbs for C pudding; had to get instructions out for changing cooker clock! knew it was 3 buttons but which, was in fact 2 buttons but will have forgotten by spring!!

Back to being damp and miserable but cold wid is keeping hills clear - apart from very top. 


Sailor Beware was made as a film in 1956 - in the days when they were still called films ;- )     Peggy Mount, Gordon Jackson, Geoffrey Keen and Esma Cannon among the names that I recognise.

Battywoman very suitable, I'm sure, Chris :- D

Had nice cooked late-brekky. Going to belly dance workshop later this aft. and b-dancers Hallowe'en party after that, therefore planning a light lunch so as not to gurgle as I shimmy.

Bit cold here but must nevertheless take the dogs out.


Hello all. Had a lie in this morning and pot of tea in bed. Luxury.

The little angels were well behaved last night but they had a friend over for a sleepover - bit of an odd child. 

I'm about to attack the large pumpkin! Am going in, I may be some time.......

Pennine Petal
Morning campers, well ish! Had another lie in, though was up at4.15 as couldn't sleep, had a cup of hot chocolate and played solitaire on the netbook for half an hour, went back to bed and woke up at 9.30. After that drowned and read my book. Tea and toast in bed earlier and OH just made me a bacon and mushroom sandwich on an oven bottom. Sorry not picked by my own fair hand. There was a display of fungus at the food festival yesterday, a very interesting looking one something to do with a hen?

Wet and horrible here, don't know if I want to go out.

Think should just change my name to 'confused of manchester'!

Wet & windy here. Am tackling overdue paperwork, nearly done. Shredded what needs to be done, recycled the rest & trotted, well wobbled on way back, to postbox.

OH just done his wonderful filled small yorkies- bit too much chilli for me, but very yummy. No prizes for who has just washed up, loaded dishwasher...... They are baking later I believe & looks as if going to use the large pyrex dish that I need for tonights' meal! J.


Raining now. 

Took some advice off one of you, have planted very beby rhubarb plant on pot that a rose came in - longer than usual pots and have buried that in new rhubarb bed. Should be able to find it come early spring

Potted up small thyme, keep in greenhouse for C. dinner

Started to clear front garden. just cosmos, sunflowers and weeds. Next year this will be a major project. At moment are beds along house wall either side of path about 30 ins wide. and then grass to pavement.  YUK!

May be asking for ideas. East facing as well. Blank canvas really. 




Right, Confused of Manchester, I've got my Yorkies ready, now what do I fill them with?



Aaah. Shame to stuff them!!

Pouring with rain, Burner is lit so nice and snug AND 'Carry On Screaming' is on later, 4.10.

Ideal horrible autumn afternoon!


Just seen Old English Sheepdogs are facing extinction. Whatever will we paint our rooms with now?


OH has been and bought me the special All in One potion recommended and I must be hallucinating because Glyn has drowned, lottie has found some angels and sheepdogs are painting rooms.


Just twigged - wrong sort of yorkie, durrr...


Dolores Umbridge wrote (see

Just seen Old English Sheepdogs are facing extinction. Whatever will we paint our rooms with now?

:- D :- D