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Jean Genie

I cheated , I googled it.  Honestly hadn't heard of Horace Batchelor. When I was a girl I worked for Vernon's pools in Liverpool . What a mind numbing boring job that was.  I apologise for spelling your name wrong Georg. Googled him too. Alchemist eh ? Can I send you a big pile of base metal ?


Opportunity Knocks started on Radio Luxembourg-as did the Ovaltinies

I used to listen late at night before school in the morning- famous for the signal fading in and out -never understood why

Vernons Pools -another blast from the past


Gary Hobson

Alchemist indeed! That's the one.

My biography describes the festivities of Walpurgis Night. That's not exactly Halloween, but it's still very witchy, and possibly more authentic.

Off to watch some telly now...


I can remember Radio Luxemburg too- Tony Prince! Is he still around?

Blast, OH got remote again!!

Have eaten too much, own fault, but I didnt have 2 puddings, unlike some others around here!

Really need to do some ironing, but just cant get motivated........ J.


XF-it has got to be bye bye to Rylan or Christopher tonight surely please

Pennine Petal
Did I fall in the water? Perhaps I had a few too many before setting off on the broomstick?
I liked Peggy Mount!
I used to listen to Radio Luxembourg, always difficult to get a good signal. I first heard David Bowie's Space Oddity on there.

I got it wrong again-who is voting for these two?-mind you I never vote for anybody


hollie hock

Think the right one left the dancing tonight, looked as if Sid had sort of given up and didn't get on with Ola.

geoff & inka-The end of the book didn't disappoint, really good read. I've read one of the Harry Hole series, The Snowman which was brilliant

Jo- I go for the no ironing approach in life, I just don't do it, never have, I don't even have an iron



Hollie-keep going with the Harry Hole -they are good

They are now bringing out the very first one-The Bat- with an English translation in Hardback


Morning halloweeners

Slept longer and warmer-am going to venture outside-then the usual-back to bed

I love half-term

Gary Hobson

Mycology Lesson of the Day

These delicate little things are growing in my mini-meadow....

These are almost certainly known as Conocybe. There are several species of Conocybe, all inedible. Most grow in grassland.

Some species of Conocybe contain psilocybin, the hallucinogen used by the Mazatecs of Central America for religious purposes.

Common name is Dunce Cap, from the cone-like cap. The genus name 'cono-' comes from the Greek cono meaning a cone.

Groups of mushrooms, like these, are known as 'troops'. That seems to be the collective noun. A troop of mushrooms.



Morning All.

What a busy lot of posters you have been.

I can remember Horace Batchelor in the distant past and Radio Luxembourg in my youth.

Nice pic Gary,- it's a bit ghostly round here, everyone must be at work or getting ready for the day, and of course Ernie aka Geoff has gone back to bed

I've not been to Luxembourg, did consider it last year, it looks lovely, lots of different areas, but isn't it a bit out of you way coming back from Spain Geoff?.

I'm please Sid has gone from SCD, he gave the impression that he didn't get on with Ola. It was a good show on Saturday.

Have a nice day

Batty woman (Chris)


Morning all. Family all gone. Peacful here, until washer sings to me.

Ironing didnt get done after all- Hollie H I know, I know, but some hings do need doing. I have adopted daughter's tip of quick get from tumbler, shake & hang, but OH does this for his shirts at 'the little house' & you can tell!

Do small fungii growing from houseplant pot count? Shows how c**p these 'new' composts are. 'stillconfusedfrommanchester'

Jean Genie

Morning everyone,

 Not a bad day here. I also had a better nights sleep although I do think it takes a day or two to adjust your bodyclock.

Interesting toadstools . I remember reading an article on the Mazatecs and seem to remember they discovered a new species of salvia

Need to feed the birds again today now that we have a jay eating everything in sight. He's been back again this morning.

Have a good day,everyone.


I have slept better and I feel on the road to recovery Jo I feel bad complaining about a cold considering what you are coping with.

Geoff my niece lived in Luxembourg last year, she said it was very expensive and a great location to visit other countries

XF I got the impression that Jade was struggling with the workload and family commitments. Jahmeen did not follow the Halloween theme

SCD- I never enjoy the Halloween edition as I feel that the make up does not help them express the dance properly.


Hello fellow fork folk.

Had an enjoyable belly dance workshop and party yesterday, many people went to town on dressing up. I still have greenish hair this morning as I haven't had a shower yet.

Like the tiny fungi, Georg, we used to have troops (hehe) of those on the school field.

Never been to Luxembourg, sorry, just about remember 208.

Agree about Sid exiting SCD, he did seem a bit moody and strange to me.

Kate, glad to hear the lurgi is abating.