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Kate-there was nothing to be scared of-there is no such thing as ghosts- I know as I have seen every episode of Scooby -doo

And now for your delight some ghost -jokes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Q: Where do baby ghosts go during the day?
    A: Dayscare centers.
  • Q: What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?
    A: Bamboo.
  • Q: What kind of mistakes do spooks make?
    A: Boo boos.
  • Q: What does a ghost eat for lunch?
    A: A BOO-logna sandwich.
  • Q: Where do ghosts go on vacation?
    A: The Eerie canal, Lake Eerie ! or Mali-Boo
  • Q: What's a ghosts favorite ride at the carnival?
    A: The roller ghoster.
  • Q: Where do ghosts buy their food?
    A: At the ghost-ery store.
  • Q: Where do ghosts mail their letters?
    A: At the ghost office.
  • Q: What's a ghosts favorite fruit?
    A: Booberries.
  • Q: What kind of street does a ghost like best ?
    A: A dead end !
  • Q: What did the baby ghost eat for dinner ?
    A: A boo-loney sandwich !
  • Q: What do you call a ghost's mother and father ?
    A: Transparents !
  • Q: How did the ghost song and dance act make a living ?
    A: By appearing in television spooktaculars !
  • Q: What are little ghosts dressed in when it rains ?
    A: Boo-ts and ghoul-oshes !
  • Q: Why are ghosts bad at telling lies ?
    A: Because you can see right through them !
  • Q: What did the ghost teacher say to her class ?
    A: Watch the board and I'll go through it again !
  • Q: How do ghosts learn songs ?
    A: They read the sheet music !
  • Q: What is a ghost's favourite day of the week ?
    A: Frightday !
  • Q: Where do ghosts get an education ?
    A: High sghoul !
  • Q: What did the polite ghost say to her son ?
    A: Don't spook until your spooken to !
  • Q: What do you call a ghost with a broken leg?
    A: Hoblin Goblin.
  • Q: What do you call a prehistoric ghost ?
    A: A terror-dactyl !
  • Q: Who speaks at the ghosts' press conference ?
    A: The spooksperson !
  • Q: What should you say when you meet a ghost?
    A: Howdo you boo, sir?
  • Q: What kind of mistakes do ghosts make?
    A: Boo boo's!
  • Q: Why did the ghost go to the amusement park?
    A: He wanted to go on a rollerghoster !
  • Q: Who's the most important member of a ghost's football team ?
    A: The ghoulie !
  • Q: When does a ghost have breakfast?
    A: In the moaning.
  • Q: What's a ghost's favorite breakfast?
    A: Ghost toasties with booberries, Scream of Wheat or Dreaded wheat !
  • Q: What do ghosts drink at breakfast?
    A: Coffee with scream and sugar.
  • Q: What is a ghost's favourite dessert ?
    A: Boo-Berry pie with I-scream !
  • Q: What do ghosts dance to ?
    A: Soul music !
  • Q: Where do ghosts live ?
    A: In a terrortory !
  • Q: What color are ghosts?
    A: BOOOO!
  • Q: When do ghosts usually appear ?
    A: Just before someone screams !
  • Q: What's a ghost's favorite ride?
    A: A roller ghoster!
  • Q: What do ghosts have in the seats of their cars ?
    A: Sheet belts !
  • Q: What do ghosts eat for dinner ?
    A: Ghoulash !
  • Q: What kind of ghost has the best hearing ?
    A: The eeriest !

Buttie time now- having one of those days when all I do is eat & eat... but by 2pmish am usually fine. Wonder if today it's due to the delayed breakfast this morning because of the tablet?

Anyway they'll be able to get at radiator valves in spare room now, & our bedroom. Must remind daughter to clear a path to hers & as for OH's study/workshop- his problem. He's supposed to be coming back first thing tomorrow morning after all.

Washing machine just had an unbalanced 'wobbly'- it alerts me by beaping like mad. So you set it going again, but have no way of actually knowing whereabouts in cycle it was when became unbalanced., unless you were watching it just at the right moment of course! I tend to just reset it to rinse & spin as assume it was unable to sort itself out to spin safely before it became unbalanced.

Lotties, that's a good pumpkin face. J.


C pudding is bubbling nicely. 2 small ones to steam tomorrow. OH has decided to learn how to make bread. He is a very bad tempered baker. Just looked at loaf in oven and its dripping over side of tin. He'll learn.!!! Can'r find a face for 'sigh'

Balloons are hanging in front door, treats are ready. Just realised going out to see 'Skyfall' tonight so probably still have treats tomorrow!

I made a bathroom window curtain from a shower curtain and son's partner made a roller blind for there bathroom from one.

Bread a disaster just come out of oven!!!!!


Brilliant pumpkin face 


Bjay- my OH a good bread maker, but soo messy in kitchen. (rolls eyes smiley equiv to 'big sigh' for me)

Ooh good idea re using shower curtains, shall ponder about that sometime.

Just wandered into here & realised that my 'corner' also has a radiator behind a very large comfy chair, plus a table next to chair piled high with garden magazines, old papers, etc etc that I need for when contemplating life etc!! Blast, my turn later to sort/move things. J.


Completely forgot- meant to also say I do my 'C' puds alternate yrs in the microwave! It's quite a light recipe, for a 2lb one, so I do 2x1lb & we eat one & t'other freezes for the next yr. Honestly it does survive absolutely fine.Some yrs freezer too full so it gets stored in a tin until NYr when freezer space returns.

Cant remember when I made them last year, but I obviously did as 1 in freezer now. Also have spotted a 2lb jar of my mincemeat in jam cupboard, so one less job for this yr! J.



Pam -that is a smashing picture

Lottie love the pumpkin-Flo has got a parrot she says can do that but I am not convinced

One for the dads





Geoff I was not scared of the ghosts it was just me and the 3 locals who were left in town. Great jokes


Just checked two weather forecasts for this evening and tomorrow morning and they're completely different for the morning - not just a bit different but from one extreme to the other!


Good Afternoon Everyone

I have only managed a quick wizz through the messages

Becks - glad you had a good day

Love the Pumpkin face Lottie

Good jokes Geoff

I hope everyone is well

I had a lovely day with our Grandchildren yesterday - we made cakes - they are cute rather than scary

Pam LL x







just had a parcel delivered and delivery man said loads of people aren't opening their doors to him as they don't know what will happen!!

How sad that it has come to that. Takes the innocent child-like fun away.

Still he had a laugh at my balloons!


Love the cakes and pumpkin face. what a busy lot of forkers you all are.Nice family picture also. It must be lovely to have grandchildren, my daughter doesn't seem to be keen to go down the children route as yet.

I don't make C**** cakes and puds any more. This year a neighbour has made us a C*** cake, and I've got a pudding from M & S from last year, so sorted. Love them both, rather too much, and as I am diabetic I'm not supposed to eat them Oh has a very sweet tooth, but I try to keep him on the straight and narrow. I still make him a cake of his choice that lasts him all week. As for him cooking, oh no, he wouldn't know where to start, but he is good at clearing up after me, you can't have it all ways. can you?

Just been making pork, onion and apple loaf for tea, I think we will have it with jacket potatoes, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, all ready to go into the oven.

Hope you are okay Jo, your house sounds a bit like ours at the moment, don't know where anything is,but as you say Kate, will be nice when it's finished.

Will be glad to get this Batty Woman costume off tomorrow, what's next? Ah Bonfire night.

Cheers me dears.



Loved Snoopy!

Ok my 'corner' now clearer. Always spend part of 'C' hols going through 12 months of garden magazines, sections from papers, so have just replaced those back onto bottom shelf under table. Even dusted the table & moved it away so radiator easy to access. I realised that Dad must've actually made the table, but he couldnt remember when I asked him. Just know that it was always under the window in parents' lounge.

Engineer can move the chair, am not putting my back out.... J.


I am getting the impression Jo you are just moving stuff about-it might be time to have a good clear-out and chuck things away

A big white van has just turned up and three burly blokes are mucking about with cables-this has caused a lot of high excitement


Snoopy's one of my all-time favourite characters ;- )

Geoff, those jokes remind me of the ones the children used to read out in 'Show and Tell' and mostly I was the only one who laughed!

Here's one I took earlier

 And the tree that was right behind me - at first glance I thought it was another lot of bracket fungi.

 It looked quite big, I wondered if it might be from a deer. It seemed weird to have hung it on a tree.




Yes Geoff I agree, but with the upheaval tomorrow etc I dont quite think now is the time.Just need to create space at the mo.

I had planned to sort through all the stuff from parents house last winter, but other things rather got in the way! Luckily we had the chance to ask Dad about unknown things we found before his memory went.

Right, back upstairs..... J.


Chris your pork onion and apple loaf sound interesting you spoil him

The cable men have gone -no idea what they were up to

Flo that looks like a sausage dog on that tree

I didn't get the Blackburn FC job



It's 7:30 am here, and still black as pitch and raining. Our clocks go back this weekend. On the island there is some local trick or treating, but usually don't get any kids here, as its rather out of the way. The kids go to the Lion's hall for bonfires and fireworks, but it looks like a soggy night. I got some treats, just in case, but may have to eat them myself.

I was inspired by the mushroom photos to check out my patch for chanterelles--but absolutely none there. Surprising, given all the rain we've had. Wish the tap would get turned off soon! I have planted my garlic, but too soggy out to do much else. Happy Halloween everyone!


Well that was lucky I have just been out and bought some chelsea buns( watched too many bakng shows) but after looking at those cakes I would have had to go out for cakes anyway, they look yummy Pam.

Geoff maybe the new owners want high powered internet or cctv


Hey again.

Just been out to buy curtain pole but don't think its suitable.

I have boxes of stuff from my mother's house in the loft and half of the garage. I find it very hard to go through especially as she is still here. I wish i could ask her about things but  is in another place. Stll she did remember about dentist yesterday.

OH bread may not have looked good but tasted OK. Wonder what it will be like tomorrow. 

Back tp Bjay tomorrow I think, keep wondering who Dolores Umbridge is!