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Luckily the cats i have at present dont mind fireworks, which is good as they have been going onfor about 2 weeks already. One of them actually sits on the window ledge to watch them but he is a cat with very little brain.

Deanos Diggin It

Nipping out for an hour or two!

Need to go get my Cordy back from my buddies as he is on a course tommorrow, n if all goes according to plan, I am aiming to get away early n have a few hours on the plot erecting n filling the rest of the new raised beds!

Will look in later!



Our dog just barks at fireworks



Cordy, no idea, perhaps it's a Yorkshire thing

Hope they have got plenty of heat on in the marquee. We had one for our daughters wedding, that was early September time,some years ago, and by evening it was freezing.

Our cat hate fireworks and hides behind the settee, luckily we haven't heard any as yet....


There is no flat cap or whippet




Cordy - some strange garment? Some sort of tool? Does it go with a yellow onesie?

Don't know about marquee. May just take dog for a walk tomorrow afternoon to see what is going on!


Cordy ---  now I know where you got your graphics Geoff. According to google its some kind of itune game thingy, I think, no doubt Dean will put us right when he next appears.

Bjay, you must investigate and report. there's one thing about having a dog, you can walk by without being obviously nosey

Off to do the shopping, new roller required for Oh, not happy with the one he's got, then to Tesco, then takeway, might just make it back for GW, it's on earlier this evening 8 o'clock.


Chris you are spoiling him- it is only a bit of painting-but if you think he's worth it~~~~~~~~~~~~~




Geoff, If only, no he will just have to make do with one from Wickes--  it's got our name on it.


Does he mean Corby? One of those industrial strength vacuums that sucks up the entire carpet?

Chris, thanks for the reminder about GW and the earlier time slot, I would have forgotten.

All work is done! I have been busy today, deadlines and all that, but got everything done before home time so am awarding myself a little Bounty bar. Would also have a cup of tea but then I wouldn't have time to drink it!

My big brother is over this evening so we're also having a curry but it will be from the supermarket - deli counter probably.

Geoff, your house does not smell!!!


Personalised number plate-with your name on it




Geoff  Who knows, if I buy a Euro lottery ticket, it might be! watch this space.


Lottie-that is a plus then on the house front-you don't know yourself

Only 2 GWs to go



Phew, this new heating is good, well so far. We have been turning down thermostat valves & up in one case, but am impressed.

OH has just said he's cold. Am tempted to go & get the cardi......

Lottie- although we dont now have an emersion heater, the wiring has apparently been utilised for the new boiler. Am going to stick some tape across the switch in kitchen or shall freak that it's on & turn the switch off! We'll get used to things.

I managed to miss the last Beechgrove on i-player. The season up there even shorter. J.

Deanos Diggin It

Bjay! You are awarded a star! It is a tool!  It is a cordless drill! But now it as gained that much interest! n answer revealed! It's really not that interestinig!

I feel flat! Unworthy! n of no interest! But sure I shall live!



A Cordy is a cordless drill?-another disappointment-I can't take much more

Whats's on telly?-where is the moty?

Jo is in heating heaven


Please I don't want another phase - OH ways - making cheese. See BBC2 - I will definately dissuade him if he suddenly has a  eureka moment!!

But then the bread thing hasn't run its course yet.


Oh goody - I've gota star
Caz W

Thanks for GW reminder Chris - here in Wales we've got rugby on BBC2 until 9 so its a good job we can get BBC2 England.  (We will get it here at 6.45 pm tomorrow so it will be on same time as Strictly and would probably forget to record it).

Bjay - does he want to make his own cheese sandwiches .


Daren't ask!!

Pennine Petal
Evening all, don't have the energy to go back through the day's chat, am hoping you are all well. Currently struggling to stay awake, so not sure how long will be about tonight. Working tomorrow, oh joy!