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Nothing wrong with tulips, I just feel they are a bit formal, not like daffs that sway in the breeze, but after seeing some  Princes Irene I thought I would give them another go in a big pot.  The ones I saw looked like a fire, all stripey orange and red, just beautiful.

I did have a pic, but have put it on a disk to free up some space and don't know how to reload it back to my computer, any help would be appreciated, I'm sure one of you will know how to do it.

Away now to get tea before Strictly,  then Merlin, and Montalbano, will have square eyes  at this rate

PS. just meant to add,

Dean, the garden is looking GOOD, all you hard work is paying off, and I now know what a cordy is..

Geoff, If I had won the Euro lottery I would have bought you a roller as well.


Dean, I am impressed with your fence--I made one from pallets as well, but had to put extra lattice panels on top tp keep the deer out. Wish I had some more pallets to make a leaf bin. Am keeping my eye out.

Plenty of pallets in my garden - long way to transport them though!

No news on wedding front - sorry all a bit boring

Just double checking all I post now 

Cooked Tarte Tatin MaryBerry style. Pastry takes ages. OH was waiting for temper tantums, caramel that doesn't set etc but this was me cooking not TV stuff so no mistakes. Mind you still in oven, and never made it before,

Question though how do you clean caramel off saucepan

I grew Princess Irene last year - never been that keen on tulps - they were amazing, real wow factor just as rest of garden is just about coming to life. 


Tarte Tatin anyone??

 Still have to make the syrup

Pennine Petal
Evening forkers, home now and getting myself comfortable for Strictly. Good day's teaching with a nice group of students. Looking forward to a lie in tomorrow, not sure if I will manage to stay awake.



Impressive Bjay. BTW just soak the pan, overnight, in hot water with some WUL in it. That should do the trick, or if not baking soda maybe?

Kate- wouldnt want a new house- too small, sorry. Got used to space.

Am cross, cant see the big firework display from nearby-ish park. Trees now too big & still in leaf. Used to sit at daughter's window, in the dark, & get a brill view without all the hassle of walking down etc. 20+yrs on & trees still not lost their leaves & they are now huge sycamores!

Have finally opened OH's post. I did know what it was likely to be & wanted to be super efficient & file the documents away- job done!

No chance to watch Strictly here, just given up these days.

Off to change cushion covers..... J.


Wow, BJ, most impressive. Want to try that, but don't have a proper pan. Hot water will remove caramel, as suggested. Too bad it's forbidden fruit for me now!!!


Bjay-simple- you pass the saucepan to OH and say clean that.-

-does look nice though

Glyn -have a good evening-you deserve it

Chris -yet another disappointment -I am making a list-Becks knows about computering stuff

More fireworks going off -this will never end

XFactor coming up


Bjay, looks like a triumph to me. I did plain stewed apple and custard for pud. I'm a great believer in soaking to help get pans clean.

Enjoyed Strictly and Merlin, don't know what to do now.


put boiling water in pan and boiled it again. All gone

Enjoyed strictly now Montalbano

Deanos Diggin It

Hi! Guy's!

Shall not dwell! had a few!

Kate! Blobbed! Meaning someboby didn't turn in for work! So I had to cover his shift!




I think we are going to have to write a dictionary of odd words wot we have learned

XF-Jahmene-once again Jahmazing

Christopher, District3, Rylan-poor ones of the night,


Go Ella

Dean I would never have got that

Bjay great tart

Chris put the disc in the computer give it a minute to recognise, go the Computer then E or D Drive and right click then Explore, should give you a list of files, copy back onto computer.

Glyn have a day off


Good Morning Everyone

Had a quick read through the messages but still can't keep up

I hope your new job goes well Kate

Scrummy Tarte Tatin

Good fence Dean

Have an easy day today Glyn

Glad you had a lovely evening with your family Jean

Jo - there is always so much going on in your house

Geoff - those pics

I had a phone call from Lily (7) and Tolly(5) at about 5pm last night - would we like to go and watch their fireworks - we only live just up the road so had an enjoyable hour with them  Lily gets quite tired due to her cerabral palsy as she uses a lot more energy just walking etc. and she had been promised a trip to the firework display in the village which wasn't due to start until about 7pm.She was very tired so Son and DIL decided it would be better to have a few in the garden so Lily could go to bed  at her normal time

Today I have my article to write for Garden News then I think it will be more knitting

Have a lovely day Everyone

Pam LL x

Gary Hobson
lilylouise wrote (see)
...Today I have my article to write for Garden News ...

You'll have to tell us when it's published, and if possible get a scan of the article, and post the image here, or on one of your threads.

Didn't wake till 7.30. Then fed the birds. It was still, quiet and damp outside.

Enjoyed SCD. My goodness, samba is diffiult, lots of fast tricky steps. Many of the 'weaker' candiates have yet to face it.

Didn't hear much noise from fireworks last night. Maybe I had telly on so loud that I couldn't hear what was happening outside.



Jean Genie

Morning all,   Not much to report yesterday. Spent the afternoon bird watching . No sign of Mrs Sparrowhawk. I've decided she is female now due to size and colouring but we had a multitude of birds feeding yesterday. I bought them a treat - one of those big fat candles with insects and seeds in it , Bit pricey at £3 but had a £5 voucher from supermarket . Well worth it for the enjoyment factor . We had a good laugh watching a determined little coal tit sliding down it  - he just couldn't keep his footing.

Glad you enjoyed your evening Pam. I agee with Georg- it would be nice to read it.

Fence looks good Dean. Did you wear your onsies ?

That tart looked good as well Bjay any scandal on the wedding to report ?

To everyone else have a good and enjoy yours Glyn - you deserve it



Good morning all.

Thanks Kate for putting me on the right track re photos. I wouldn't have known how to do it without your help, much appreciated.

I have now transferred them all back to my computer and this is the one I was looking for.



Prinses Irene.




Sissinghurst April 2012- fantastic garden.

We had quite a lot of fireworks around us for about an hour, the cat was too frightened to move, just sat behind the settee, hope there aren't so many tonight.

Hope the article goes well Pam. Do you write regularly for GN?

Hopefully furniture will be back in living room today. Daughter and OH are coming to help move everything, then I am cooking evening meal for all.

PS. if you have a burnt saucepan put some bio washing power in it and hot water and leave overnight, the burnt stuff will come off a lot easier.

Lovely Tarte Tatin yum.

Have a good day folks.


Pennine Petal
Morning forkers, as you can tell my anticipated long lie in has been cancelled. Woke up and couldn't get back to sleep, so decided to get up and lounge around. Te sun is just emerging through the coulds so am hoping to get out into the garden for a while.

I cut some sedum stems to put in a vase, they last for ages and are now rooting nicely, so will get a few extra plants into the bargain.

Chris, those Tunis look fabulous. We always go to Harlow Carr where they have a great show. I don't usually put any in as the voracious slugs here usually destroy them as soon as they are up, but I think I might put some in the year. I loved visiting Keukenhof a couple of years ago to see the bulbs, definitely a worthwhile trip.

Have a lovely day all.

Those Tulips are gorgeous

I write once a month in the Readers Gardens section

Pam LL x


Hi Glyn.

I am going to put my tulips in a big pot near the back door as I haven't really got room in the garden, and hopefully the slugs wont get them

When we go down to the Fens, Boston/Spalding, we see tulips and lots of other bulbs in flower, worth a look if you're in that area in spring.