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Pennine Petal
Bjay, don't say any more, I have only just watched last week's and now MOTD is on.

What about Phillip Schofield?

Good Morning Everyone

Had a quick catch - up

Flo - I love your doggy

Hello Bev

I am pleased you survived your first week Kate

Becks - I do hope Jess is better this morning

Dean - your plots look great  and I am pleased everything is o.k with baby

Jean - your plants look so healthy  I have quite a few houseplants but they don't look nearly as good as yopurs

I am hoping to get in the garden today

Have a lovely day

Goofy Twinkle Toes x   


Good morning everyone.

Normal service has resumed at No 32. everything back in place and all nice and clean. 4 more mice have be evicted from the loft, dead I'm afraid, just wondering if there will be any more this morning.

Have just spent the last 1/2 hour catching up on all the gossip, what a busy lot you all are.!

Becks - Hope Jess is feeling better this morning, It's such a worry when they aren't well, and it always seems to be at the weekend when you can't easily get a Doctor if needs be..

Geoff. I understand why you get annoyed about peoples lack of manners, it really bugs me too, it seems to be pretty general nowadays.

We shall be having a few Christmas dinners. Daughter works for the NHS and thinks she will be working on Christmas Day, so we could be having ours either C.Eve or boxing Day We await her Ward Sister's decision.

Away to cook brekkie, bacon and egg today, Sunday treat.

Have a good day peeps.


Jean Genie

Morning everyone.  Just a quick hello - we are off out visiting today.

Hope Jess is feeling better . No Becks last night .

Thank you for your kind comments Pam

Not a bad day here - just been watching the nut hatches, they're back and the squirrel has just raided the bird table. Cheeky monkey.

Catch up later

Gary Hobson

Morning folks.

Thought Tess did a really good job of presenting Strictly last night. She let the celebs and their performances come to the fore. I liked it.

Very pleased that Micheal did a decent salsa, even if he did come last; if only he can hang on. Some savage marking by Craig, especially of Louis.

It's Wembley next week. Last year the show from Wembley was brilliant. and very spectacular. That's the sort of program where you really need a big HD telly to see it at its best.

A nice day ahead. Might do a few jobs outside this morning. Then sit in the greenhouse for the afternoon.



Hello One and All. And if I've missed anyone out, apols.

Sunny and cold but have to go Tombola Sticking this morning as Dog Rescue Fair is in a fortnight.

Agree, Gary, that Tess did a grand job of presenting. Just one tiny thing, she let the judges talk over each other for too long in that bickering session. Love Claudia, I think her style suits the upstairs bit.

Hope we get an update on Jess soon and that all is well.

Pennine Petal
Morning all, didn't miss the Brucie jokes, I prefer it when they just get on with it. They didn't need all that palaver at the beginning with the nice to see you stuff.

I like Louis, Craig was mean.

Bodnant for us shortly.

Have a lovely day all.

Morning and welcome Bev, feel free to join in when you can and you do not have to laugh at all of Geoff's jokes

Becks can we have a Jess update?

XF I loved Jahmene's version of Angels.

SCD I thought that they were all very good, my spies tell me that 2 girls will be in the bottom two.

Geoff one of the most cathartic things about teaching is to be able to tell someone why they are rude

Council Tax- are you not paying my wages?


Morning Forkers

What an absolurely glorious autumn day it is

SCD -OH and me much preferred Tess and Claudia way of presenting. I guess Tess will get the hang of contrilling judges.

I was wondering about Jess as well

Love Bodnant - haven't been for a long time though.

Inkie cat is much better though not eating much. Still yesterday she hardly had anything and she is now out, sitting in the sun,watching the birds!

Bye Tinker Flopsy Paws

Didnt miss Brucie at all last night. I love Louis, why does Craig have to be so nasty? although he does make me laugh at times. So its wembley this week last year although it was a spectacular i felt the performers got a bit lost. Nothing very exciting to to today only the ironing and cooking the dinner. Yawn. Still getting over the cold so still feeling grotty. Hope you are all well


Hello peeps-cold and frosty first thing

Promise not to be so grumpy today-perhaps-maybe-have had me porridge

Kate-I hadn't thought of that -glad I am doing some good by shelling each year-have added that to the list

The three XF finalists are easily determined-but Rylan was last night the most entertaining one-starting to like him now-which means he will probably go tonight

Chris-finally all done-till the next time

SCD-sorry to those who like it-but now Ola has gone..............

Must go and shower. get dressed, change bedding................................. am slobbing at the moment

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies. Well after a lie-in, Jess has woke up as if she was never poorly! Normal service has definately been resumed. She's watching Pepper Pig and playing play-doh at the moment. Thankyou for all who asked about her. x

It's a lovely day out. Cold, but not a cloud in the sky!

Pottie Pam

Good morning all and hello , Bev.

Know what you mean Inka! I sometimes feel I'm invisible too.  I hope I haven't upset anyone.

I enjoyed SCD last night. Do you think Brucie sabotaged it before he went. Two of   the dancers  fell.

Also watched the Rememberance Service last night. Eddie is not my favourite royal but I think it was quite touching that he had a tear in his eye when families were talking about family members they had lost.


Miss Becks

Aaw Pam, I always see you! No upsettedness here!


Waving from the top of my very,very, long ladder Pam-what Becks said


Miss Becks

Why are you up a very, very long ladder Geoff??


Pam is a long way away-it is the only way I can see people-nice outfit today by the way


11 am-I'm still not dressed-if you could see me now

Miss Becks

Ooh, Geoff, I think the word of you moving to Spain is spreading. These heard you were going and want to come to! They are on their way to yours as we speak!