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Viewing is not till 5-the agent was supposed to send confirmation but hasn't-really not that fussed as have no intention of moving immediately and told him that

Which one of the cheeky boys am I?



Oh lordy-I have passed the 5000 mark and didn't notice that either

Miss Becks

I would say Mr Blue Baloons on the right!

Pennine Petal
Afternoon, just having a tea and snack break. OH fell asleep on the sofa, so hasn't been shopping. have had to resort to crisps and Cheddar, followed by the last banana. Had to leave the computer before I threw something at it. I hate stats.

Lottie, she's a step daughter actually, which what I should have said! She's a gardener too, she buys me roses for presents.

Tales of the River Bank, I liked that. Animal Magic - Johnny Morris went to my old school. before my time obviously.

Personal shoppers, do Debenhams still have them? I wrote a paper on them once, so was forced to visit. They are excellent.

We had a Standard 8.


Miss Becks

Glyn, roses the plant or chocolates??

Which one then Geoff?

Caz W

Geoff is that you with your Movember 'tache?  Hope you get dressed before the viewing .


I couldn't possibly divulge-they do look freshly waxed

As we have passed a couple of unseen milestones and Glyn is uncatered for-I have this bottle of flat champagne left over from the last celebration-help yourselves




I thought Blue balloons It was the sun tan line.......

My sons partner is a gardener. She gives me plants  and we swop own grown ones as well. Does make it easy for pressies.

Up your way on wednesday Becks.- bit of business, lot of family

1st car I had was a blue mini traveller., Parents was a sunbeam (go faster sort of car in cream)

Miss Becks

Ooh, you just reminded me to check out Dans link Caz. Forgot to look last night. Not sure what this Movember thing is all about.

Bjay, the sad face indicates it won't be for pleasure.

Caz W

Just for you Geoff



Yay-I have a cup to go with my meddle and marigolds

Miss Becks

You gave away your marigolds in a competition!! I gave you those marigolds.


Oops-I forget to send them-keep it quiet-still got them


Not the business part or themotorway driving part and maybe not some of the family part so ...yep The rest 


Miss Becks

I just had to look up where Malvern Hills is Bjay. It's not that far then is it. Is that when you are getting your tree as well?



Back form Christmas shopping, didn't get much done, but did manage to buy myself  2 new pairs trousers and a few more bits and bobs, well a girl has to treat herself sometimes.

I like to start Christmas shopping about now when the shops are not so busy, can't be doing with pushing my way round town when the world and his wife are about.

Hope you OH is feeling better Lottie, what an awful thing to happen

My daughter is a keen gardener with not much money, so when I divide plants or take cuttings we always makes sure she gets some, she has got a fairly big garden that has not had much done to it, so the more plants she can ' aquire' the better.

Our first car was a Ford Popular, must have been about 1962/3, I think the dealer saw us coming. It looked alright from the outside but the engine was, shall we say k*******d, it had no heater, so when we used it to go any distance in the winter, we used to wrap our son up in a blanket with a hot water bottle. Those were the days. NOT.

Ham and Pork Pie salad tonight for tea I think, can't be bothered to cook, might do a jacket potato to go with it.

It's nearly dark, don't like this month, roll on Spring.


PS  --- Is Geoff flicking the duster around in anticipation of the Estate Agent and prospective buyers visit

Miss Becks

Chris, your first car sounds like every car I've ever owned!!

And I think he may be putting his clothes back on, and bursting his balloons!


On a good run it can take about 50mins, we have known it 1hr 30mins. We chose Malvern Hills so that if needed we can get up to Staffs quite quickly.

Won't get tree till December, By then hope to be able to exchange pressies as well, I'm always the least organised as far as that goes

My first car was squashed by a large lorry when lorry skidded on ice.


Nope-take us as they find us-I did say the house is what I like to call -"lived in"-should I get dressed then?

Have just put the bins out-not even 4 o'clock and Chris you are right it is gloomy

Was the Ford Popular black?

I now fancy pork pie and crisps