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Bjay. It's a lovely part of the country,. We have had several holidays in that area, and have visited the Malvern show twice. Love it

I try to be orgainised on the Christmas front but whatever I plan always seems to go to pot, but this year------.At least we now know what hours daughter has to work over Christmas and can plan accordingly.

No doubt we shall get a full report from Geoffrey later in the day, hope the prospective buyers are ok, we had some very peculiar people round when we sold my Mums bungalow a couple of years ago, makes you wonder who's normal apart from us


Just had a random thought-as you do-I wonder what happened to smallswan?

Bjay-I trust you were not in the car at the time?

30 minutes to the big visit


Hope your ducks are in a row Geoff, and all dusting is done. I remember when I was about 8 and my little brother about 5 and my parents were selling our house. One lot of prospective buyers came round on a very hot summer evening and when my parents opened my little brother's bedroom door he was fast asleep stark naked on his bed! 

I don't think they bought the house!

I wonder how many people aren't prospective buyers but come round just to be nosy! 


Chris  We chose it because when ever we took a weekend break we always seemed to end up here or nearby and as you say loved it.

Go to Malvern Spring and Autumn show though always seem to be somewhere else for 3Counties Show. Secret go to shows last afternoon - brilliant bargains as stock is cleared. Got some great plants and greenhouse. Last time greenhouse staging And seed trays for £12.

Wonder how Geoff getting on.

I wasn't in car, previuos person I knew was. Not scathed

Estate agents, they told us, are now supposed to sort out genuine interest from time wasters.

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Yo! Yo!

Evening each n everybody!

Jean.....Normally up at 3am for 4am start. but being spared this week! We have a newbie! n have been given the task of doing his induction, so 5.30am starts this week! Yep! I get a lay in! 

Pam.....(Pottie one) No dog called Nigel! But the postman is called Steve, n the window cleaner is called Paul! Hope that helps!

Lottie.....Hope OH is fairing well! I fell off a bike once! I've never been the same since!

Another onesie as been spotted! It's a Giraffe! 



Apologies for late arrival folks.

Daughter & me went down to Dunham Massey for tea, coffee & cakes foloowed by a lovely walk around the winter garden there & the deer park afterwards. Glorious tree colours there, but leaves dropping fast.

Called into a Parkers GC on way back & various bulbs have come home with us, including a large 'free' bag of N.Minnow, coz we nearly spent a certain amount of £! Guess what I'm doing tomorrow/next week?! All for pots though. Didnt actually get what I went for, but it's not the right time of yr really.

Daughter is just doing her good Samaritan for me. We totally forgot to buy milk when out & as, tomorrow is a garden day so noway was I going shopping, she's gone to buy some. I'll walk up on thursday for supplies to last until Saturday, when OH & me are off out. Daughter will be sleeping after nights so I need to keep him out of house as much as possible.

Lottie- hope OH makes quick recovery, noit pleasant, but shows the value of helmets.

Wish my BP stayed 'normal' with diet control. Nope, hereditary, but could be worse & have the major heart failure from t'other side of family.

I can remember both a Standard 8 & an Austin A30 from childhood. My first car was a Datsun Cherry. A right little rust bucket, only 1yr old when bought from friend who was getting a works' car. Sold it age 4, rust already becoming a problem, & spotted a couple of yrs later doing a bomb along a local motorway!! J.


Well that was fun-OH had to take the dog out-agent did the veiwing- just the wife, she will report back to husband-right noises made-my cynical negative head says this will come to nothing

Evening Jo & Dean


Evening Geoff, dont envy you, but at least you'll know how realistic all your plans are.

Daughter back, but wants a delayed meal re some medication she's taking which doesnt allow food too soon afterwards. Fine by me. Monday's stand-by of cauli macaroni cheese over cauli tonight. Last of my tomatoes will go on the top. J.


BTW yes I do know it's Tuesday. J.

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Jo! Don't ya just hate it when ya get to ya last tomatoes! 

You Know then, the season is over! Dark nights setting in, n the really horrible nasty weather is just around the corner! 



Estate agent speak~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Period property. (Still has bomb damage from the Second World War)

Well established garden. (Not touched since the Second World War)

Much improved by previous owner. (He ran out of money and lost the will to live, and so will you)

Great potential. (In urgent need of underpinning)

Close to rail links. (House at the end of platform two)

Convenient for local schools. (A stones throw from the yobs playground)

Well planned kitchen. (The smallest kitchen you've ever seen)

Original features. (Brown bathroom suite, green floral wallpaper and plastic ceiling tiles)

Patio area. (Tiny garden)

Close to all amenities. (Next to an off licence and chip shop with a bus stop outside your front door)

Views over open countryside. (Next to landfill site)

Sought after location. (They've employed more than one estate agent and we need the money)

Various outbuildings. (Outside toilet)

Ideal for children. (Noisy neighbours)

Ideal buy to let property. (Next door to drug dealers)

Secure off road parking. (Next to gipsy site)

Vacant possession. (The last occupant died in there and was not discovered for six months)

Reduced price for quick sale. (All of the above)

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Geoff!.....Thought you had shelved it till next year?


Google maps has an advantage I suppose in allowing you to view the area before you discover the awful position of a property.

OH & me are sort of planning to eventually move. We're going to do a lot of driving around certain areas over the next 12mths to get our bearings etc.

We wont stand any chance of selling this unless daughter, plus her stuff, has either moved out or put it into storage. Am trying my best with decluttering, but life has rather put a large spanner in the works this yr.

Right, off to cook! J.


How long have you lived there for Geoff? Sorry if I shouldn't ask that question.

Evening Dean 

Aaargh! just heard fireworks Oscar not heard them yet so I'll put TV up loud, Deafens us but works. SCD is best - loads of yelling and music

So look at it as pittiing toe in water Geoff

Won anything today Dean?

Tomatoes might be finished, but opening 1st jar of tomato ketchup tonight



I have shelved it till next year- sort out-this is just a bit of a preliminary toe in the water with no commitment to anything-we shall see

Bjay-25 years or so


Dean-getting up in the middle of the night to go to work is not my idea of fun-especially on cold winter mornings-no wonder you go to bed early

There seem to be a lot more garden shows in the Midlands and the North -why is that?-there is little South of London

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Evening B'J! 

No goodies today! But a few spotted! Main man out doing his rounds, n the lock up firmly locked up! 

But I do actually get looked after! n anything of gardening interest normally get's shoved my way! 



Miss Becks
jo4eyes wrote (see)

 unless daughter, plus her stuff, has either moved out or put it into storage.

jo, does she know you're planning to lock her up???

Evening Dean!

Geoff But what 'noises'??

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Geoff!.... I love my job! n their is not many people can say that! 

Yeah! Early morning's in winter is a bit of a bind! but in summer! Ya done for dinner time n have an whole afternoon to yourself! Which is lovely! Ya can get loads done! 

I now really wouldn't want it any other way! 

Which is why I am a little dubious of venturing into this driving instructor thing! We'll see how it pans! 

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Yo! Beck's! 

God! I got all serious there for a mo!

I am allowed to play later with later start's!

Who mentioned Clangers?

 I loved the soup dragon!