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Miss Becks

I knew I recognised those pecks!!


Just watched Master Chef. The messy one got through then.

Son is missing, well he's been up on a course and called in to folk at Cannock Chase. Just taken him 2 hours to get from there to B'ram (train travelling) usually talkes about 30 mins. He still has to come down to Worcester and then Malvern station Still he is a very big boy now - same age as Jo's daughter! Just worry about all the plonkers that travel at this time of night.


Miss Becks

Can you not get through to him on his mobile Bjay?


Oh yes I am in contact. it's just the morons that travel around B'ram especially. I'm just being a silly mother old as he is!! 

Miss Becks

It's only natural. As you say, it's the other people that worry you.



It is silly of me cos he is a manager in a pub and deals with all sorts. Ignore me.


Just watched I'm a Celeb-baked spider anyone?

Going to bed -nite peeps


Morning all!!

The *b* boiler woke daughter & me up after 6- whistling again! After some fiddling of controls & much swearing, we've shut it up, but I was really awake. So have take the weekly tablet & am now having porridge & coffee. Daughter gone back to sleep I think.

Bjay- that's a rotten train journey for your son. Yes, we still worry even now- wonder if that'll get less when she finally leaves? At least when she was living away you didnt know what she was doing so no/less worry. J.

Pottie Pam

good morning Jo and anyone else who is awake.

I don't know anything about boilers but maybe the installer should come back. It might just need some adjustments.

When Bjay said her son had been to Cannock Chase I feared the worst. Didn't Becks say there were Yetis, big Cats and UFOs there.

I thought I'd discovered Dean's secret identity when I asked if he had a dog called Nigel but I was wrong.

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers.

Fed the birds earlier. It was quite mild and pleasant outside, so I had a casual stroll round the garden looking for a few jobs to do. Think I might prune some sumac trees, they need cutting back each year. Was thinking of collecting some leaves, but the majority have yet to fall. I'd much rather do any jobs now, than wait till it's wet and cold.


Re the boiler. Daughter 'googled' it, of course & it's a common problem. Great. The engineer is coming back in about 10 days time to fit a new shower & bath, so all the niggles are being listed & shall be duely reported. Thing is we must be using less gas as last night it barely came on at all & neither of us grumbled about feeling cold. The old boiler would still have come on/off regardless I think.

It's almost daylight out there now. Have put some washing on & shall eventually be outside to 'do' things. Leaf collection first, then get the narcissus bulbs into their pots & do some cutting back, taking a border at a time, not all at once as in the past. Can take all the daylight hours, & if energy holds up, as meal tonight is easy & got snacks for lunch. Need to do a shoplist/menu tonight though. J.


Running late-off to bash some balls-catch up later


Son turned up, Phew! 

Son did leave home, much better as you said Jo, when you don't know what's going on. Still he had a good time, and for once the course was interesting

As for Cannock Chase it seems the were wolf arrived after we left!! (becks)

Have to completely emptycaravan today, usually leave plates etc in but have a damp problem and we are taking it to be looked at so needs to have cupboards empty so they can get in all the nooks and crannies. Goodness knows where we are going to put the stuff


Morning all - won't venture out without my hard hat on if Geoff's on the golf course!

Bjay I think we worry about them whatever age they are. Son no. 3 told me last night that he and his brothers know I would miss them if they moved out so they're staying put!

Figrat, hugs, sounds like its been a very tough time. Good luck with the plants.

PPam, keep searching for that secret identity, we'll work it out sooner or later.

Wonder how Kate's getting on. Hope those schoolkids are behaving.


Morning all! Hope everyone is well
Must have been away ages, have been catching up on the posts.
Busy time at home and work and have just not had time online

I am glad I don't have your early starts to the day Dean. I think they would finish me off. I an more an owl than a lark.

Figrat, sorry to hear your sad news.

Jean and Caz...before I got married I was part of the Bing-A-Ling elf family.
I am now Pinky Smickleifigus!

Hello Bev. I try to keep up on here but "life" tends to get in the way. thoughts are with you in the classroom.
I am also a teacher (although part time since my children), there are a lot of us about on here
Keeps me busy, ha ha!

Catching up on paperwork today....must get on, I have been distracted by my quick catch up on here.
Jean Genie

Morning all  Figrat sorry to hear your sad news but sure you'll do a really good job with the planting.

Becks, I have a werecat here  just fed the birds and she's howling like a banshee to be let out - No chance.

Glad it's only teething problems with the boiler. Jo.

Pam - we''l have to watch out for Dean disappearing into phone booths  Love the giraffe and the onsie bit by the way Dean

I have just been visited by the workmen who did the cavity walls. They are sending someone out to fill in holes and given me the money for my broken pot

Have a good day everyone and Hi Nola



Dean, love the giraffe and the onsie

Miss Becks

Morning Lovelies!

Not much planned for today. I have got to help a friend set up a website for her art gallery. Trouble is, she hasn't a clue about computers and stuff, and she's in America, so this could be fun! 

Bjay, glad your son is home safe.

I'm getting worried about Geoff and his 'ball bashing' Could all end in tears.

Jean, great news about your refunded pot!

Nola, next time, you must hand in an absence note!!

Dean, when I saw this, I thought of you!!


Pottie Pam

Hi, Becks, you could be in for an interesting day. Does Batman get given plants to take home?

Jean, you may have got off lightly with just a broken pot. We knew someone who was a rep for a cavity wall company. One day they were short of a workman so he was volunteered. He pulled an extension cable through a goldfish pond and electrocuted the goldfish at the same time knocking the head of a statue by the pond. They hid the goldfish under weed in the pond and balanced the head by on the statue. Nothing further was heard from the owners of the house but they must have wondered what had happened to their fish.

Geoff is late. Do you suppose he's got a hole in one and had to buy a round of drinks?


Morning All.

Late checking in this morning, been a bit busy, trying to get the last of the winter pansies and tulips in pots, job done

Very mild here this morning, didn't even have to wear a fleece. I have just seen a skein of over 100 geese flying over in V formation, quite a sight, making a terrific noise, I hope they are going to the new wetland area about 3 miles from us, might go and have a look this afternoon..

Becks, you sound as if you are going to have quite a job with the website, doing that sort of thing at a distance can't be easy, well it wouldn't be easy for me anyway, can just about manage to do everyday things computer wise.

Hope everyone get their problems sorted, both personal and domestic, there's always something to keep everyone busy

Now going to see if bread machine has finished, mixed seeded loaf today got to make some effort to be healthy.

Catch you later.