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Have sent a PM drawing his attention to it-lets see what happens

Becks -where do you download films from-does it cost?

Miss Becks

I'll you the details Geoff.


Night All


I'm outta here too

Nite peeps



Good morning everyone  

My new washing machine is supposed to be delivered between 7.30am and 8.30am this morning

I have finished my online Christmas shopping - just got to get the pressies wrapped now

You know I said I was writing my article  well it is in this weeks Garden News

 Have a lovely day

Pam LL x


Good grief, lilylouise--it's still yesterday here.

Sounds like you've caught lots of worms already!

Gary Hobson

Morning/(evening?) forkers.

Had a good day outside yesterday. Did lots of jobs. I could do with a few more days like that.

For me, 10 degrees is the temperature above which it is comfortable to be outside. It was 12 yesterday. Today it's going to be 6 - shivers.

We have elections today. Something to do with the police. Though I can't really see the point. You can't have an election to decide every tiny aspect of public policy. This seems like a blatant waste of public money.

We have 3 candidates - Cons, Lab and an Independent. I have no idea what the Independent is actually standing for. That's some measure of what a confused shambles this is.

I shall wander up the road and vote. I am not expecting to find a long queue.

Pottie Pam

Good Morning Pam,Inka and Gary.

Gone back to bed with a coffee.

Hope your washing machine comes on time Pam.

How are your pets, Inka? We haven't heard much about them lately.

We've got 10 candidated here Gary. I've never had any information about any of them. Apparently we can look on line. I totally agree with you about the waste of money. Along with the majority of people, I suspect, I won't be voting.

Jean Genie

Good morning and evening, Missed out on all the fun yesterday

Spending a lot of time in daughters lately as there's still loads to do .

PPam , just done the same as you only mine was tea

Georg, our elections for the police are today as well. I'm with Pam - don't know who they are and we have four . Think the money could be better spent I won't be voting either.

Pam . will get a copy and have a read - looking forward to it

Yipee. I know some one famous ( cyberetically of course ! )

Inka , maybe you could post a festive drawing on here ? Good evening

Think I saw Geoff yesterday.



Washing machine delivered at 7.55 this morning

Well Done the Co-op

Pam LL x


Morning all,

Popped in with my 2cnd coffee whilst daughter in bathroom. She's doing a rotten shift today & feels grotty with yet another cold- 2cnd in 3 weeks.

House temperature didnt drop much last night, so heating didnt come on. Not too bad initially then I decided to 'boost' it for the remaining 30mins. Radiators really quick to heat up- impressed. Now also know much more about the 'wireless' sensor- that's what the box is in the cupboard!

Off for a local quick shop then may delay being Mrs Mop as it's dry out there again & the rest of that one border is waiting for me to finish it off. Can do cleaning when dark, wont be brill, but nobody notices 'cept me.

Shall look for Garden News Pam. J.


Have fun playing with it Pam, J.



Good morning everyone, Pam, Jo, Gary, Inka, PPam, and Jean, hope I haven't missed anyone, if I have apologises, and Geoff when he arrives.

I might go up to vote, but as we have only had a leaflet from 1 candidate, and have only heard of 1 other,  both independent, it makes you wonder if its worth it.

The Co-op were certainly on the ball this morning Pam, enjoy, if that is the correct term, your new washer, what would we do without them.?

Enjoy your day.



Bonjourno peeps-it is a bit nippy out there

Have been up since crack sparrow-coffeed ,brekkied,caught up on some TV,done the swimming run,been to see an old lady who wants some gardening done and returned to base-drove past the polling station- there were queues stretching as far as the eye could see-consider yourelf lucky Chris- you have more information than me-

-Will go and put a kiss on a ballot paper later-because I can

The only police commissioner I know if is Commissioner Gordon from Batman-is he standing?

Pam -if the new machine doesn't work-do what I do-go down to the local stream and bash it on rocks

Jean-how did you know it was me?-was it the manly gait?

Now what time is today's play-time please?


Morning All

I have bought recent appliances from co-op. Always found them competitvely priced and efficient delivery.

We have 3 candidates same as you Georg. If I vote, can't beleive I'm thnking of not going, it will be for the one my husband vaguely knew through his job some years ago. Thing is though he is elderly and if this is, as I read, a 10 year tenure he'll be well passed it! No leaflets, and a waste of public ,omey and theirs in these recession hit times.

CALLING ALL FORKERS please lodge an appeal on this -

Forker power!!

Grotty and foggy here so ot even a walk roung garden - may top up bird feeders later


Morning everyone! Wow, Pam you were up very early this morning!

I was up early (for me) to give OH a lift to work but he decided he'd brave the bike so was back in the saddle this morning. I've told him to be more careful!

The boys had a conflab last night and decided that it wasn't them that messes the house up, its me and OH! Yeah, right!! But they have all decided to make more effort about cleaning up after themselves. I've promised to clear out the linen cupboard for their things as none of them have much storage in their bedrooms. Could this be the start of a permanently clean and tidy house, or am I dreaming??

I won't be voting, don't know who to vote for and I doubt I'd have time to go to the polling station today anyway. 



Lottie 3 boys? Not a chance.!