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Deanos Diggin It

Beck's! I didn't wanna disappoint! I have popped again! 

Trying one of these electronic ciggies! They are crap! It's like sucking on a tunnel! 

Night, night! 



Has he gone?

 Jo- if daughter takes of duffel coat she might be so warm?

Miss Becks

Aaw, you just wanted to say night, you little tinker! Night Night.

I just picked up my phone, to see if they had cut me off yet, and there was 2 more messages on it, both exactly the same as that other creepy one. Very weird!


That is BT fighting back-when is the Sky box being fitted or whatever it is that they do?

Or is it a case of just plugging in?

Miss Becks

Well, Had the letter off BT saying sorry you're going, blah, blah. Service will end 20th Nov (tommorrow), also had letter off Sky saying your equiptment is on it's way. Line activated on 20th. Then had a text saying you do not need to be home, it can all be done their side. But the parcel with the hub/router whatever it is was supposed to come today, but it hasn't.

When I phoned BT the other day, they said Sky would have trouble because my BT box is a special one I had to have fitted for a fibre optic line, so I phoned Sky back up and told them, and they said when BT had removed their equiptment, Sky could put theirs in!! You with me so far.

So surely this means I WILL need to be here, for them both to come out and switch boxes?? But seeing as I still haven't got the hub yet, I haven't a clue what will happen.

So BT could cut me off at 12am tonight, and I'll be without until someone , anyone, or anything arrives!!



So does that mean you will cut off from the cyber world tomorrow-and where is this hub-do they know?

Sound a bit complicated

Miss Becks

This is the parcel I missed when I took Jess to nursery last week. I had a card through my door. So I booked a redelivery with Royal Mail (Says it all) online for today. They sent me a confirmation email to say it would be redelivered today. But it hasn't. Couldn't get through to customer services at Royal Mail as they close at 6pm. Sky can still do their stuff without it. Just means I'll have to set it up myself if it doesn't come early tomorrow. It's easy enough to set up a hub.

But not sure what time BT will cease their line. They never gave a time. I will still have my iphone to communicate with.


So you will not need a red cross parcel dropped then- will tell them to turn back


Crikey Becks that sounds way too complicated for me- good luck!

Tesco order amended, menu written down, dufflecoat added to pile at bottom of stairs! There's a perfectly good coat rack to use...... BTW we're both warm enough at the mo- layers!

Vision playing up- drat- so signing off now.J.


Pennine Petal
Evening rhymers! What a clever bunch you are, I am brain dead so won't contribute. Very windy over the tops tonight, not as windy as Canada though!

Pam - ouch! I hate those blinking things, hope you bought yourself a treat afterwards.

Caz W

Oh come all ye Forkers

Playful and mischievous

Come ye o come ye to Cyberland

Come and behold him

Lounging in the Potting Shed

With jokes that leave us groaning

He listens to us moaning

O come now don't ignore him

So -o- ton Geoff

Deanos Diggin It

Ha! Ha! Ha! Caz!

Glad I sat on the sidelines for that alone! He! He! He!

Miss Becks

You can still send that parcel, in case Asda cock up this week!!

Jo, tell me about it. Hopefully all will go smoothly.

Hi Glyn!

Night Dean! Again!


Caz W

Hi everyone - loved reading all your verses.  Goodnight Dean!



You know when you have a little kid who you put to bed,they get up so you put them to bed again and then they are out again-does that sound familiar?

Caz -just part of the mission to infowrm and entertain

The helicopter is on stand by with supplies


Jean Genie


Verse of the evening Caz . Glyn I hate them as well - had mine during M.O.T. week !

Becks - you must be a brainbox - wouldn't know where to start  If it hadn't been for you I'ld have still tried to log on the day of the power cut

Windy here as well and it's gone cold but this cavity wall thingy really holds the heat in.

I've just eaten half a large packet of crispy M & Ms . Think it was a bit ambitious.

Miss Becks

Aaw Geoff, he loves us that much, he just can't tear himself away!

What are Crispy M & M's Jean? The nut ones?

Jean Genie

Becks , they're much smaller than the nut ones and they've got a crunchy shell . they are in a blue bag .

Think I ate more cos they're smaller

Jean Genie

Oh and there's no nuts .