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Morning Lottie

I remember the talk over Christmas, the politics, the running about..................................

Had forgotten about Mr & Mrs A and we haven't had an update on Mr& Mrs PP recently

It has stopped raining and brightening up nicely now-will send it over when I have finished with it

Just had a call from India-about what washing machine did I use-told him Hoover and we have had it 500 years-I don't think they understand us-told him to go away-not using any foreign words-well a bit of French


Morning All

Today we were supposed to go up to Cannock Chase. as we got in car a geat long list of road closures because of flooding including the main road, the only road that gets us to the motorway.

So we squashed onwards to give it a go. When we hit the 3rd complete flood over a road, deep the sort you're not sure if the car will drive through. we phoned our appointment and cancelled. Then we heard motorway was blocked - crash so here we are nice and snug and warm, drinking tea and relieved we are not out there. 

As meeting was important we will have to do it another day!!

I guess Severn will br over the banks soon if not already. Didn't get far enough along to see

Rain gauge said over last 24hours had 25mm rain


Bjay, sounds like you would have been better off in a boat rather than a car. Better to stay at home in the warm with a cuppa.

Geoff, nothing to report on Mr and Mrs PP - however there are now some weeds on their plot so I can be smug, as there are less on mine! It must be the first time ever that this has been the case! They have now also taken on an extra half-plot though, which is probably why. And they have some superb looking brussels sprouts whereas mine are a dismal failure! I've got some ok cabbages though! 


Hooray GW magazine has just come. OH says will keep me quiet for a couple of hours 

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Wish I could say the same to the weather. It's piddling down here as well, and dark.

Got some running around to do when I've dropped madam off at nursery. Won a couple of things on abay for her birthday, so got to go collect them.

Asda was booked 9-11am slot, and arrived at 8.30am!!

Hope it cheers up for everybody.



Well my fine weather did not last long-a big squally shower,trees dancing and the bird table gone over

And I have lights on

So what did you get Becks?


H & W news web site now says 3 local schools closed, train lines closed and main roads blocked all around Malvern. Now we are sure turning back was right thing

Miss Becks

Oh Bjay, stay locked up today! Finish the doll.

She's been on about a scooter since summer, but wasn't really tall enough, but I won her a barbie one for 99p. Come Spring she will be fine for it. And a light up, musical Pogo Stick! Again, 99p. Can't wait for that one!!


I forsee bouncing and looking over fences-big kid

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha. This one looks like it's on a rubber ball, not like the ones in our day, with a metal spring and a big rubber block on the end. I hope it takes my weight!


AAH! The fun trying out the toys. You have to make sure they are suitable. Can start again now with little one

Just written my christmas list - what I would like - much better than leaving family to guess and early so that they can sort it out with OH. 

Will start on menu later then I can begin to get dry foods in so that I don't have a whopping bill closer to the event.

HOORAY - stopped raining, but I think there is still a lot up there!

Jean Genie

Lottie, congratulations on the forthcoming event   Up to now everything going to plan and I have some more boxes to take over later for her so yet more packing

Bjay, glad you didn't attempt that journey. Much better to stay were you are .

Becks, I 'm glad you are up and running with Sky. Bet Geoff will come a'knocking wanting a go on Jess's pogo stick  

I've just watched the most scariest film EVER . Makes the Exorcist look like The magic roundabout. Beck's , thats one film you've got to see- The Woman in Black. It's right up your street. That's if you haven't seen it of course.

Need to go upstairs and it's scared me that much I've got to summon up some courage now, O.M.G. Scared the pants off me


Washing drying indoors now

There is only 5 weeks to go now-where does the time go?

Jean is that the film with Harry Potter?

Remember I can see everything-pants on please-and soon Becks will be bouncing around to join me

Jean Genie

No Geoff - It's a full on ghost story . Honestly, it's the most scariest film I've ever seen and believe me , I've seen a lot. I didn't flinch when I first saw the Excorsist but this one !

 Just glad I didn't watch it before I went to bed. Becks would love it.

Pants back on

 and going upstairs now.

And remember.



Harry Potter played by Daniel Radcliffe who stars in Women In Black-sometimes I think I am just a bit too subtle



Am back. Shattered, but have got all the things for daughter that I wanted & cleared it with OH. Bit more £ than intended, but makes up for her slightly reduced birthday pressie this year.

I do usually try to spend more on birthdays than Christmas for people, but this yr somehow it didnt quite happen. Now must check enough wrapping paper.

I didnt find anything remotely suitable for SIL. So yet another giftcard, but it's valid for 2yrs & if we do find something, unlikely IME, then OH said we can use it!

I had intended to call into a big B&Q on the way back, but with the traffic & lack of energy I just came home. I shall try our local one if nec on Friday.

Bjay- the road to Mway from Malvern via Worcester, I presume, is always bad for flooding. Do think this year has been exceptional though. Shant venture out again, although should redo the birds' fat feeder. J.

Pottie Pam

Good afternoon all,

Sorry I missed morning registration. I won't get my end of term prize now. It wasn't pluveating for a change  so raked some leaves up, but the ground is so soggy I'm doing more harm than good.

I'll have to look out for that film Jean, it sounds good.

Watched 'Last Tango in Halifax' last night and quite enjoyed that.

My daughter has just rung to see if I want to watch one of the 'Twilight' films tonight. the grandchildren have dental appointments so can go straight on from there. Quite honestly I'd rather stay in and watch Hugo in the jungle but don't want to be boring.

Jean Genie

Aha. thought Id seen that guy somewhere before , Geoff . Must confess . not really a Harry Potter fan but have seen Deathly Hallows . I think thats what it was called .

I'm overawed with the exuberance of your voracity.

(And I've been upstairs)

Pottie Pam

I took this photo out of the bedroom window this morning. It's a windmill being erected if you can't make it out. There's a big crane there ready to lift the blades up. It's about two miles away and the ash tree in front is about fifty yards from the house. We won't see it in the summer unless the ash trees succumb to that disease. Some farmer stands to make a bit of money now.


The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe as lawyer Arthur Kipps is a remake of a film of the same name starring Adrian Rawlins as the lawyer, made in 1989. Same story though so probably equally as scary!

Jo, take it easy now and have a cuppa and relax!

Becks, well done on the Xmas shopping! I remember when our boys were young enough to be given 'pre-loved' presents and not know the difference! Saved a fortune. We managed to get a Little Tykes car one year for £1. That same year the two older ones got bikes and all the presents were in our neighbours garage to stop the boys finding them. OH went to get them on Xmas eve once the boys were asleep and he came back 3 hours later very much worse for wear and promptly fell asleep on the sofa!