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Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Enjoyed Apprentice last night. Will not reveal the result. But the episode was about creating games for kids. I thought that Mr Splodge looked a bit like Geoff, and can easily imagine Mr Splodge's game forming part of Forker's Playtime (cyberneticaly, of course). The program was a pretty horrific reflection on the state of education in this country. You'd expect those Apprentices to be the brighter ones. Can anyone name a planet?

Then I switched over to the jungle, and just caught the game in the river. Seemed a bit like the Apprentice I'd just watched, but for grown-ups.

Had a look through some of the cartoon books on Amazon. Just enter 'cartoon books'. There are several Gary Larson collections...

But humour is a personal thing. What appeals to one person doesn't necessarily appeal to another. Entering 'Thelwell', there are lots of them, they all look a bit girlie, many are about ponies and animals...

There are cartoon books for all ages and tastes. This is from 'The Chicken Lovers Cartoon Book':

Today's Daily Mail has a section about best Christmas books for (serious) gardeners. An interesting selection. I have the one by James Wong, and they also mention a new book by the esteemed TV gardening presenter Laetitia Maklouf...


Pennine Petal
Morning all, running late again! Only 2 weeks of teaching left this term, then I can have a lie in the mornings.

I've always thought that I would like to be able tot do cartoons Gary. My brother is very good at them, but I can't draw a straight line!

Off to scrape frost.

Have a good day all.
Jean Genie

Morning all  Another  cold one. Hope you all have thermals at the ready

Going out early today, daughter gets keys to new house tomorrow so here's where the fun starts. Hoping to get most of the small stuff sorted so she is just left with the big items for the man with a van to take.

Gary  Love the ''Wildlife preserves ''

More frost today - in fact it didn't clear up much yesterday at all.

I don't like this Coldest Winter for a 100 years lark .  


Bonjour madames et messieurs

Have caught up on Apprentice-finally the over-articulate failure has gone-I do worry about the slightly odd one and his jewel encrusted collar-is he trying to tell us something??

I had forgotten about the fragrant Laetitia -how does she get away with this-what happened to the lovely Bonnie in the shorts we came to love?

Am seriously tempted by chicken cartoon book-it is only £3.99 on Amazon but then I saw this as well


where will it end??

Jean are you winding me up this morning-I shall remember this when it June the papers say the hottest Summer for 300 years

Have a "nice" day Glyn

Miss Becks

*Cough* Morning *Splutter* Lovelies *Sniff*

Still got the lurgy. Thank Flo it's Friday!! Very cold and frosty, as you probably all know. Absolutely sod all to report yet, not until I've defrosted. Off to start a new roll of tissue paper.



The red cross will drop some of these this morning


Insomnia1973 wrote (see)

Thank Flo it's Friday!!

:- D :- D  You're welcome. I can bestow Fridays on the populace becasue I was born on a Friday. Friday's child is loving and giving, you know!.

I'm also tempted by a chicken book of humour. I love Gary Larson's style and when I was a wee gel I loved Thelwell - ponies and all that.


Hello Forkers. Sunny and cold here, and not going out. At least the office is warm today, as my thoughtful colleague who gets in earlier than me turned the plug in radiator on when she got in this morning. We tend to look after each other, being the only two ladies here.

Was chaos getting here though. Obviously some drivers hadn't taken the road conditions into consideration - one road closed due to an accident so traffic queues on the alternate routes. I checked OH got to work ok. None of the boys was working today so left them all in bed.

What's Saturday's child? My niece has called her baby Wilfred. Hmmm....


Thanks for those hints Gary. Have looked on Amazon and placed one into basket though not bought yet. May add to it.

I tried to watch last weeks Apprentice last night but apparently I hadn't sifficient flow or something. In fact it's the usual Thursday thru weekend problem so I now have 2 Apprentice to watch and 2 Last Tango's!

New tyre on car is now totally flat!! Next door neighbour is going to investigate later.

Just been swimming, it's great I don't sink any more 

Had some more roses delivered, no e-mail notification this time. " I should be able to plant them, but  one will have have to go in veg bed.

Still have roads closed here as the surplus water just does not have anywhere to go..

Miss Becks

I was a Fridays child as well Flo!

Mondays child is fair of face,
Tuesdays child is full of grace,
Wednesdays child is full of woe,
Thursdays child has far to go,
Fridays child is loving and giving,
Saturdays child works hard for his living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

Miss Becks

Not sure about 'Wilfred' Lottie. My younger sister is pregnant, and planning to call him Archie.

What was you watching it on Bjay??


Have just bought another pressie from Amazon--not the books-those are still on the wish-list

Lottie-I saw on the news this morning that drivers were advised to be vigilant because of the conditions-I dread to think what drivers do on "normal" days


Was using iplayer, Becks. Sorry hope your coughs etc are improving

Ordered OH pressie off Amazon Wednesday and it has come today. Very impressed.

Grandchild is called Bonnie. It has not gone down very well with me, but I just have toput up with it. But she is a Tuesday child.


This is Bonnie in the shorts




Bonnie isn't too bad, and if its any consolation Becks, one of my Cubs is called Archie and he's a lovely child (some of them aren't!).

Last night we were doing the second part of the first aid badge - the test to see how much they had listened the week before - and making Christmas decorations for our tree at the Christmas tree festival. We were making 'doves of peace'. Simple but effective.

Geoff, I'm sure most drivers drive along in a trance most days - especially if they drive the same route every day. I try to vary my route a bit so that its less boring!

Gary Hobson

When driving, it is very easy to drift off, and think about other things. I sometimes 'come to' and realise that I haven't been looking at anything on the road for the past 5 minutes, just driving on 'automatic pilot'.

I think the subsonscious is capable of doing that. It's a bit like sleep-walking, but in a car. Athough I would not like to quote that as a defense.


So we can say 'Thank Becks it's Friday' next week then :- D

I know plenty of dogs called Archie and Bonnie but no Wilfreds. Wilfred is old English meaning 'desiring peace' which is a lovely sentiment. Will could be a nice shortening if you like that, Lottie.

My sister was horrified when her son & DiL announced that their first born was going to be Ethan as she just doesn't like it. Couldn't say anything, though. Then they changed their minds and called him Finlay.


Fashions in names change-we called our second Oliver after Oliver Twist---the film was on BBC2 on a Saturday afternoon-it was quite unusual at the time the only other famous one was Oliver Reed and Oliver Tobias-who OH had a thing about

Now it is one of the most popular

Would anyone name their child-Doris or Agatha or Horace nowadays?

Has the decorator been let out yet Flo?

Gary Hobson

Only a couple of generations ago, children were always named very systematically, taking their forenames from deceased grandparents. So the same particular forenames ran in families. Personal choice of the parents didn't really come into it.

The fellow who was kicked off Appentice in the first week had the most ridiculous set of forenames. He had a whole string of forenames .They were worse than Horace.