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Morning,all. Wind has blown all the clouds away, it's 8* in the sunshine, and I'm going out in the forest to look for a little tree. My niece is coming here for the day, otherwise I wouldn't bother.


Crikey-got distracted -that was a bit of a wait

The correct guess today was from Gary/Georg with Christmas Pudding

If only it had been an angel again

Another one tomorrow

Miss Becks

Oh no! Gary won?? He must have the same calander for him to guess correctly!!



He might have a secret link to the advent calendar elves


I knew some one   who had quintuplets. She said she knew almost straight away as she was SO sick. That would make an interesting succession!!

Very quiet here Forkers.



They could call them after the members of One Direction-or The Spice Girls


Bjay, what a very good point! Five next-in-lines!!

Deanos Diggin It

Oh no! I have squated! n inka has wind!  ! Maybe it is time to run to the shelter!

Gary as won! Yay! about time he got involved! 


Pennine Petal
Evening, tried to say hello before I left for work this morning, but site seemed to be down. Drove from home in a blizzard, but it disappeared when I got the other side of the hill.

Becks, I guess it's a case of glitter pens.

Deanos Diggin It

Oop's! Forgot! My guess! Similar to others! Huge crayons! n a rubber!


Miss Becks

All new entries noted. I think. I dunno what the heck I'm doing.

Gammon just cooking. Nice soak in the bath after that, and another early night I think.


You're going to soak gammon in the bath then put it to bed???

What no story or a kiss goodnight?

Deanos Diggin It

Once upon a time! there were three bear's! 

Now there's millions's! 

Night all! 


Evening everyone

I tried to get on the forum first thing this morning but couldn't

Made the Christmas cake today - smells yummy

This afternoon me and Lily's other Nana went to watch the school play - Ebenezer- it was brilliant  Lily is in the choir

My guess would be playdough

Pam LL x


Night Dean- just as I arrive, better late than never.

Weird sort of a day. Been an emotional roller coaster in more ways than one, so need to get my act together & will pop back later. J.



I still can't make out who is who

A confused Pam LL x


Elf ???????(chages daily) -can usually tell - Geoff

Night Owl Elf - Becks

Holly Berry - Glynn

Twinkle bell - Chris

Fairy Godmother - Pam LL

Snowgirl - P. Pam

I may have missed some Forkers for which I apologise

Zippy Bed Head - Dean

Flo Fairy - Flo

plymstrudle - Jo

IceQueen Jean

Welsh words !- Caz - sorry not  written them down

Tinker Fluffy Paws - Bjay


Any spelling mistakes I apologise 

Caz W

2 more from my list for you Pam

Jackie Frost - Hollie Hock

Miss L Toe - Nola